Roundabout proposal for Tally’s Corner

Public meeting Thursday, September 15, 6pm.

Rotary  vs. roundabout: The flyer drawing doesn’t convey the look of the 2 big rotaries nor the crazy crazy thrust the vehicle into a giant pin-ball machine experience of Beverly’s recent build. Whether the quaint English village conjuring that ’roundabout’ conveys or classic MA descriptor rotary, any Tally intersection discussions aren’t new. I’ve seen other plans and heard people express variations on a soaring pedestrian bridge as a lift connecting Main to the Boulevard and expansive view of the harbor.

I’m interested in plans and public space and regret that I can’t attend. It’s the same date and time as Open House at O’Maley Innovation Middle School.

How to create pedestrian friendly cities while maintaining necessary vehicular traffic is a challenge. It will be great to hear feedback from the presenters and the community. The flyer and drawing is just that, a rendering. Plans take forever! The boulevard recent reconstruction at the Cut as one example began in discussions pre-1999.


Here’s a coloring sheet. What would you do? And renderings dated February 2015.




From a planning perspective: “Does the investment action help to encourage sprawl or does it invest in your community?”


7 thoughts on “Roundabout proposal for Tally’s Corner

  1. having recently moved here from salem traffic islands and brick crosswalks only cause problems gloucester doesn’t need on its streets. salems streets are a wreck anywhere there are bricks or cobblestones. then the amount of traffic they have to bear does gloucester want that problem?


  2. I am sure there are other places to spend thousands of dollars to better the city of Gloucester , we don’t need another rotary …


  3. Looks great. I would suggest that the owners of the Beauport Hotel should pay for it in the form of a community linkage project. Many city and towns require linkage projects for large developers as a way of assuring they give back to their Community in the form of road improvement, park development, etc. It seems only fair to the homeowner/taxpayers of Gloucester who get virtually no relief from the City in the form of road repair and improvement.,The Beauport Hotel has a lot to gain from this project because they have added a great amount of traffic to that area and most likely have received complaints from their guest regarding the confusing intersection..I hope they step up as good community partners and offer to pay for this project since the City most likely would never ask.


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