A Trip Down the Annisquam

I absolutely love taking a slow trip down the Annisquam River.  It never gets old.  I started to wonder the other day how many people who live on “the island” have maybe never enjoyed the same scenic boat ride.  Some day soon I’ll use the GoPro and make a video, but in the meantime, here are some of my favorite homes, etc.

4 thoughts on “A Trip Down the Annisquam

  1. I remember the early morning trips along the Annisquam when i was a teenage with my uncle to pull his traps in the bay outside of the Annisquam lighthouse. Glorious sunrises and the fresh aire blowing through my hair. Such awesome memories


  2. Thanks for sharing Nicole. You have captured my ‘kayak route’ beautifully. 🙂 I love kayaking on the Annisquam. Just bought a waterproof pouch for my i-phone, so hope to be able to take some photos soon. Definitely have to watch the winds and tides; even the river can be rough at times. I especially love peaceful weekdays and beautiful sunsets on the Annisquam. Blessed to live in such a beautiful area.


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