Live Blogging The Lannon, Plus Ninety Cigars,  Ryan and Wood, GMG  Cigar and Rum Cruise 

Every year it’s the same old story.¬† I tell everyone ahead of time to order your tickets fast because it always sells out fast and then the day of I get 20 phone calls asking me how they can get on the boat.¬† They get left out and the smart ones many returning Cigar and Rum Alumnus have gone on every single cruise because they book right away.¬† Aaaand once again at the end of the night everyone is patting each other on the back saying “Jesus wasn’t that awesome?”¬† “Best night of the summer.”¬† “I look forward to this every year”

All I can say is that if you missed out on a sail on the most beaufiul boat in Gloucester, look for the date for Felicia’s wine and food cruise coming up soon (date TBD).¬† Thanks Paul, Bobby, Heath, everyone that came out and the great crew on the Lannon.

Look for Nichole and Manny’s photos with lots of pictures of our Motley Crew in their respective posts.

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Piping Plover chicks nestlings -2 copyright Kim Smith 6-13-16ACTION NO. 1) HELP NEGATE THE LITTER PROBLEM

The number one threat to the Plover’s survival is the trash left on the beach. If you see someone littering, please remind them to clean up after themselves. Explain that we have a threatened species nesting on the beach and that the trash left behind attracts gulls and crows, which will undoubtedly eat the baby Plovers. Additionally, if you are so inclined and can lend a hand, please bring a trash bag and fill it on your way out. I know tons of friends¬†already do this and it is a huge help. If more of us did it, and folks¬†saw us doing it, they might be inspired not to leave theirs behind. If you see me on the beach filming, I now carry trash bags in my gear bag¬†and would be happy to give you one. Getting rid of the trash on the beach doesn’t just help the Plovers, but all marine¬†and wildlife.


Inform the dog owner about the law. Explain to them that their dog, leashed or unleashed, can easily squish cotton-ball sized chicks. The babies are all over the beach now, not just in the roped off area. If the dog owner still disregards and if you can, take down their license plate number. I did it today for the first time and Diane, who is the animal control officer, just happened to be at the beach shortly after it happened. She asked for the information and studied the photo that I took to determine what type of dog.


The baby Plovers are at their most vulnerable in the first 10 to 14 days. As of this writing, all¬†three chicks have survived the first three¬†days, and that is nothing short of a miracle.¬†The Plovers chicks are now running to the water’s edge. Please walk carefully on the beach and along the shoreline as they are not yet quick enough to get out of the¬†way. Upload a photo of a Piping Plover chick to your phone and show it to folks on the beach. Explain that they aren’t much larger than a cotton ball. Additionally, David Rimmer, Director of Land Stewardship at Essex County Greenbelt, who was checking on the Plovers this morning, is concerned that a child may see a¬†Plover chick and try to catch it. This has happened! In case of any kind of emergency situation such as this, David urges that the the Plover be place in the cordoned off area.

Thank you for you help, and the Piping Plovers thank you, too!

Piping Plover chicks nestlings copyright Kim Smith 6-14-16In the above photo you can see how tiny the Plover chick is in relation to the sunbather.

DSCF2770This woman claims she brings her dog every evening after five and states she has for fifteen years.


Please help get the word out that the Good  Harbor Piping Plover chicks have hatched and that they are extremely vulnerable. Feel free to share these photos on social media.Piping Plovers chicks nestlings babies Kim Smith

Monday Day One: Judging from when the nest was first spotted, I had a feeling the Plovers were going to hatch Monday. The morning was drizzly and foggy and it was difficult to see into the nest but there appeared to be more activity than usual. By the time I returned later in the afternoon it was a wonder and joy to see all three Plovers had hatched!

Unlike songbirds, the Piping Plover chicks leave the nest almost immediately. They are not fed by the adults and begin to forage for insects in the sand soon after hatching. Although only hours old, they can run, and run they do, looking mostly like jet propelled cotton balls.

Piping Plovers chicks nestlings babes copyright Kim Smith 6-11-16

The chicks snuggle under Dad. Both Mom and Dad take turns guarding the nestlings, in thirty minute intervals, just as they did when on the nest waiting for the babies to hatch. 

Piping Plover chicks Mom Dad copyright Kim Smith 6-12-16Dad (left) and Mom (right) changing guard.

Tuesday Day Two:

Piping Plover chicks nestlings -3 copyright Kim Smith 6-12-16Miniature rockets zooming over miniature sand mounds, running so fast, they’ll often land in a face plant.  I captured a somersault on film!Piping Plover chicks nestlings copyright Kim Smith 6-12-16

Nature’s camouflage in hues of sand and dune.

Piping Plover chicks nestlings -2 copyright Kim Smith 6-12-16

Mom and chick, all three survive day number two!


DIVA at 161 Main Street, Gloucester, MA

Been very curious about the DIVA store on Main Street. Decided to go in on Thursday and was overwhelmed how beautiful the store is set up. DIVA stands for Donna’s Infinite Variety of Adornments. The merchandise is fabulous and fun. They have fabulous antiques, vintage, estate and contemporary designer jewelry. When on Main Street go in to DIVA and meet the owner Donna Soodalter-Toman and Tracy and do some great shopping.

Contact information of DIVA is 978-879-4119
or email

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Dance the night away at the Dave Sag’s Blues Party tonight with Steve Sadler, Jimmy Scoppa and Mr. Jeff Casper @ The Rhumb Line 8:30pm 7.14.2016


We’re having a guitar extravaganza this Thursday. I’m calling’ in the big guns for a battle plan.
First, We got the commodious Mr. Steve Sadler and his willfully meandering slide catarrh in the top spot. He sings, he plays anything;  he does it all.



On the other side, there’s Mr. Jim Scoppa, guitarist non pareil,¬† with his gas-fired style and smoking amplifier. Mr. Andrew “Pops” Jones will be freaking out on the drums. I’ll be in the middle with a bunch of new toons to torture you with. Ask your doctor if The Rhumb Line is right for you!


40 Railroad Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-9732

Gloucester portraits: Good Harbor Beach piping plover and David Rimmer Essex County Greenbelt with an Edward Hopper house. And Leon Kroll double bridge.

There are more than 110 portraits of the City of Gloucester by the American artist Edward Hopper.¬†There are¬†a few 1923 Good Harbor Beach scenes including one with Jo Nivison seated sketching, and in the distance Bass Rocks and a ‘Hopper’ house. That vista was already a Gloucester motif.

Copy of Edward Hopper all around Gloucester MA (more than 90 works) (73)

piping plover with Hopper house


Dave with Hopper house

Dave with Hopper house                                                                                                                                  David Rimmer, Director of Land Stewardship, Essex County Greenbelt monitoring piping plovers 2016, Good Harbor Beach.



Eleven years before the image of Jo sketching, Hopper painted the other side of Good Harbor (Brier Neck) when he first came to New England. Leon Kroll painted two pedestrian bridges on the Bass Rocks side of the beach that same year.

Copy of Edward Hopper all around Gloucester MA (more than 90 works) (75)

Note the double bridges on Good Harbor.

Leon Kroll 1912 double bride 26 x 32 oil on

Leon Kroll, 1912, oil on canvas, (Good Harbor Beach, Gloucester) 26 x 32


Leon Kroll 1912 oil on canvas 26 x 32  sold at Sothebys 2011 bridge at bass rocks informal title 170,500
Leon Kroll 1911, 26 x 32 oil on canvas (Bridge at Bass Rocks) sold at Sotheby’s auction in 2011 for $115,700
8 point 5 by 10 three quarters 1912 leon kroll
Leon Kroll, 1912 oil on panel, 8.5 x 11-3/4


Knoll also painted Niles and Pavilion. He kept returning to Gloucester; eventually his family purchased a home in Folly Cove in 1932. Learn more at Cape Ann Museum and see Kroll works of art on display.

Leon Kroll Niles Beach 26 x 32
Leon Kroll, Niles Beach 1913

Copy of Edward Hopper all around Gloucester MA (more than 90 works) (74)

Copy of Edward Hopper all around Gloucester MA (more than 90 works) (71)

Off the island ~ Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

Spending a few days “off the island” this week, ¬†heading way up¬†in Maine to the eastern most point of Lubec. ¬†We made an overnight pitstop to Pemaquid Point Lighthouse (1827) in Bristol, Maine. ¬† It’s the most photographed lighthouse in Maine mostly because of its exposed bedrock that descends from the lighthouse to the ocean creating a unique, scenic landscape. The geological history of these formations dates back hundreds of millions of years! ¬† Enjoy!


Nichole’s Picks 7/16 + 7/17

Pick #1: Hammond Castle Renaissance Fair

July 16th and 17th 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

ADULTS = $15.00
5-11YEARS = $10.00

“Come and enjoy
Live Music, Magic, Comedy,
Knights, Storytelling, Plus our Artisans and Vendors”





Pick #2:  Connors Farm Blueberry + Raspberry Festival



Saturday, July 16, 2016 – 9am to 6pm (Rain date Sunday, July 17, 2016)

$7.95 Admission per Person, 2 and under are free.

(A Portion of the Proceeds Benefit Local Animal Shelters)

Note: Everyone must pay the $7.95 fee for entrance to pick your own and all festivities.

Activities Included with $7.95 admission: Music, Jumping Pillow, Farm Animals, Hayrides, Cow Train, Grain Train, Duck Races, Pedal Carts & more!

Additional charge for:Food, Blueberry and Raspberry desserts, BBQ Food, Pick Your Own Blueberries and Raspberries, Pony Rides (10am to 4pm) and Face Painting.


Pick #3:  Summer Moon Native American Pow-wow




SAT. & SUN., JULY 16-17, 2016

Endicott Park
57 Forest Street
(look for signs to get to pow-wow parking lot across from Saint Richards Catholic Church)
Danvers, MA  01923
11AM ‚Äst5PM

Host Drum:  Iron River Singers              Invited Drum: Urban Thunder Singers
Emcee:  Dave Weeden

Drumming and singing will be performed by the Iron River Singers and the Urban Thunder Singers.  They provide music for the dancers.

An interactive educational workshop¬†with Claudia Fox Tree, M.Ed. ‚Äď Arawak (Yurumein) will take place. There will be conversations about First Nations People (Native American) identity, culture, and history. On one day you will learn about assumptions that perpetuate stereotypes and myths, and how to expand ideas about Native American history, and the begin to explore the role of language and the power you have to change inaccurate stories about the First People of this land.¬†On the other day, you will discover and learn about First Nations female role-models and their contributions to contemporary society and Native American history and culture.¬†The workshop will begin around 11:30 AM each day.¬†

Music and songs will be performed by Medicine Mammals, a vocal harmony group. They will share traditional and contemporary Native songs accompanied by hand drums, rattles, guitars and rain sticks. (Sat. they will sing a cappella with rattles and hand drums; on Sun, the full band will play.) 

Join in some of the inter-tribal dancing. The public is always welcomed and encouraged to share in these dances especially the children.

Sit back and enjoy the various dance-style demonstrations inside the Circle. They will include the lady‚Äôs fancy shawl dance, jingle dress dance, grass dance, crow hop, lady’s traditional dance,¬†men’s traditional dance, and others.¬† You will also see a small group of youth dancers taking part in the Circle.¬† Give them some encouragement (not monetary) for showing so much pride in their culture.

Have the children take part in craft making (antler tip necklaces) and storytelling with Loril and Peter around the tipi.

Self directed Native games will be set up around the tipi too. Some of the games includeHoop Game, Pine Cone Toss, Corn Cob Dart Throw, Standing Ones Game, etc.

Kerri Helme will also offer craftmaking at her table near by – corn husk dolls and traditional clay pinch pots.

Vendors will be selling their arts & crafts. A sampling of the items include wampum jewelry, beaded jewelry, silver and turquoise jewelry, carved bone jewelry, cedar feather boxes, paintings, tipi lamps, leather goods, fans, Native-themed clothing and hats, bamboo musical instruments, ponchos, rattles, blankets and so much more.

A few Native artisans will be set up demonstrating their intricate craft work.  Stop by and watch bead looming techniques by Rhonda Mills; finger weaving by Marlene Lopez; quill work by Yolanda Smith; leather hair ties by Keiko Moreno; and drum making by Strong Oak.

Taste some of the traditional Native food and some American fare for sale by “Silver Moon”.¬† A few of the foods include¬†Three Sisters Rice (rice, beans corn & squash); Fry bread, Seafood Chowder, Fish Cakes, Strawberry Moon Tea, as well as¬†hamburgers and hot dogs.

We will have a resource table that will include information, event flyers, newsletters, membership applications and other information that might be of value and interest to you. We will also be selling T-shirts with the organization’s logo which represents The Circle of Unity, The Four Directions, The Pipe of Peace, and The Feather of Brotherhood.

Raffle tickets will also be on sale at this table. You will have a chance to win two admission tickets to Six Flags New England.  The drawing will take place on Sunday (July 17th).  You do not need to be present to win.

Adults Р$5.00
MCNAA Members and Seniors: $4.00
Children: 4-12 years – $3.00

Children¬†3 and Under¬†‚Äď FREE

Parking:  FREE

The Pow-wow¬†is ‚ÄúOPEN TO THE PUBLIC‚Ä̬† –¬† Everyone is Welcomed!

Bring a lawn chair or a blanket for seating! 


As always, for a more comprehensive list of family activities, please visit our friends at North Shore Kid

Cape Ann Community Bulletin Board Listings For 7/14/16


Welcome To Cape Ann Community Bulletin Board

Joey C ~ 2 Comments

A place where non-profit Cape Ann organizations can post press releases directly and then those press releases will be reposted to . This is not an advertising space for businesses, fitness or wellness organizations, or music listings.

The web address will be

To have your community organization news posted here, contact Joey C who will grant access for you to post directly.

Summer Programs for Kids Continue @ Maritime Gloucester

July 13, 2016 ~ maritimegloucesterprograms

2016 summer programs image

This summer, Maritime Gloucester is a playground for science fun with weeklong programs for kids!  The remaining weekly themes include Coastal Explorers Sailing Adventures, Coastal Explorers Science Adventures, Marine Mammals of the Gulf of Maine, Coastal Explorers Voyagers, and Science Exploration Through Art.  Age appropriate programs for ages 8-16.  Check out the full description of the weekly summer programs and register online at or call 978 281-0470.

FREE Hepatitis C Testing Day 7/23

July 13, 2016 ~ Gloucester Health Department

The Gloucester Health Department, American Liver Foundation, and Massachusetts General Hospital will be conducting a FREE Hepatitis C testing event on July 23rd 9 AM to 1 PM at the Rose Baker Senior Center, 6 Manuel F. Lewis St., Gloucester, MA.  Anyone is welcome to attend.

This testing event is a part of a community wide Hepatitis C Initiative for the Baby Boomer Population.  Those born 1945 ‚Äď 1965 are five times more likely than any other adult to have Hepatitis C.  Many people with chronic Hepatitis C do not know they are infected, getting tested is the only way to find out.

For more information, please contact Public Health Nurse, Kelley Ries, at 978-282-8023.

Testing Day Poster


Illumination Weekend

July 12, 2016 ~ illuminationweekend

Fireworks flier 2016August 13th Illumination Weekend. Fireworks at 9:15

Limited Tickets Still Availabe for Cocktails on the Harbor

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