Fred Bodin’s Birthday Today

Fred was someone you will never forget and even though you didn’t know it was his birthday today I bet you thought of him in the past week. His voice I can hear like it was yesterday, why Shaggy was Shaggy, Cape Ann Tool chimney, and stuff.

I did a google for Fred and it is amazing how many hits and images. But when we both convinced ourselves, “if you do it, I’ll do it”, and we showed up for Felicia’s party in Tuxedos, is my favorite. Shaggy front and center.



Don’t you love the colors of the third stage, or instar, of the Cecropia Moth caterpillar? Only about an inch and a half long in the photo, in the final fifth instar, before it pupates into a cocoon, the caterpillar will be as large as a large man’s thumb.

Cecropia moth Caterpilla mid instar. copyright Kim SmithIn its second instar in the above photo, the caterpillar resembles the developing birch flower catkins. This is an evolutionary form of mimicry against predation by birds. Cecropia Moth caterpillars eat not only the foliage of American White Birch trees, but also other species of birch trees, apple, ash, beech, elm, lilac, maple, poplar, Prunus and Ribes species, white oak, and willow.

Cecropia Moth caterpillar early instar copyright Kim SmithFirst instar Cecropia Moth Caterpillars

Thank you so much again to my friend Christine for the gift of the Cecropia moth eggs. 

One Hour at a Time Gang Clean Up

Good beautiful afternoon all:


Hope everyone is enjoying this gift of a summer.


When:                  Saturday, July 30, 2016

Time:                    8:00 – 9:00

Where:                 Magnolia Avenue, we can park at the end of Klondelin Road


I have bags..


Thanks all



Video-Never Been More Enthusiastic About A Hot/Cold Tumbler Than The One I Got

Forgot my tumbler at work again last night. I got an iced coffee at 10 yesterday morning. Just checked it at 11:10AM over 24 hours later and it still had cold liquid and ice in it!!!

I LOVE the fact that it’s 30 oz and can hold a lot of coffee or water.

I LOVE the fact that it doesn’t leave ringlets of condensation because it doesn’t sweat and ruin my furniture or leave nasty water in my cupholders.

I LOOOOOVE the fact that I can use a minimal amout of ice and not have to replenish it all day long!

If you haven’t got one I feel sorry for you because your life is not complete without one, LOL.

Here’s the link to get one with two different style lids, one open and one with a locking lid- Buy it on Amazon by clicking this link $16.95

They are just like the YETI ones that sell for three times as much and only give you the one non-locking lid. $16.95 is like stealing this 30 oz tumbler!


Are North Shore bird sightings published in the Boston Globe? If so Gloucester horseshoe crab, plover sandpiper somethings, red knots

I saw the BIRD SIGHTINGS call out in the Sunday Boston Globe and noted the Plum Island list. (Under ‘Miscellaneous’ there is one bird listed from Gloucester.) I have no idea if that is the MassAudubon customary geographic selection, randomly culled, or all that’s available at the time of publication. I suppose I was looking for a  ‘Gloucester’, ‘North Shore’,  or ‘Cape Ann’ heading. I am confident the region is represented because folks like Chris Leahy, Dave Rimmer, Essex Greenbelt, other experts, citizen scientists, and fans report from our communities.

*This just in update: Dave Rimmer reports that the piping plover fencing at Good Harbor came down today.

margaret mary thing002-002

GMG features many bird photographs, from FOBs and contributors especially Kim Smith and Donna Ardizzoni.  Here’s an unofficial appreciator’s list with a few Gloucester sightings: ‘sandpipers’ on Long Beach last week. Piping plover (heard/saw),’plovers’ and ‘sandpipers’ on Good Harbor beach on July 25. One (dead) horseshoe crab and 1 sand dollar (alive) off Wingaersheek on July 26. Piping Plover (heard/saw) on Good Harbor this morning. What have you seen?



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Nichole’s Picks 7/30 + 7/31

Pick #1:  Gloucester Country Fest


Gloucester Country Fest
Stage Fort Park
Gloucester, MA

Cassadee Pope, The Houston Bernard Band, and Southern City Band!

July 30, 2016
Gates open at 11:00
Show starts at 12:00
Tickets go on sale
May 13 at 10:00am
Tickets purchased in advance
$30.00  at Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce
33 Commercial Street, Gloucester
Tickets purchased at gate

Pick #2:  B. Good Festival at the Farm


Festival at the Farm is about connecting a community around great live music and delicious, local food and drink. And then giving back all the proceeds to our community together.

There’s no better time to do it than on a Summer afternoon. No better place than on a beautiful farm with a picturesque hill as the backdrop.

The farm provides natural good vibes with plenty of elbow room, a huge dance floor, and sprawling lawn for picnics, games, and booths where you can meet our farmers and charity partners. It’s about creating a community event that’s good for all — music lovers who want to jam, foodies who want to eat delicious food and drink craft beer, and kids who want to run free.

We’re out to do some good by delivering good times for everyone on the farm. 


Pick #3:  See The Whales

One of my very best friend’s husbands, whom I adore, told me the other day that he has never seen a whale!  Wait, what!?   Hailing from Connecticut and having lived on Cape Ann for well over a decade….how is that possible!!  Sorry, T!

So, if you’re like him…. it is time.  Even if you’ve seen 1,000 whales, it could never be enough!


Cape Ann Whale Watch

Capt. Bill and Sons Whale Watch

Seven Seas Whale Watch

Yankee Fleet


As always, for a more comprehensive list of family activities, please visit our friends at North Shore Kid

Hey Joey C GMG every Wednesday Homey comes sits on the movie screen and keeps us company. Thank you sponsors.

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Cape Ann Community

Movie night Wednesday. Hey Joey C Gmg every Wednesday Homey comes sits on the movie screen and keeps us company. Thank you sponsors.

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The Fiesta Hat Ladies Are Headed To Lowell’s 30th Anninversary Folk Art Festival This Weekend To Represent Awesome Gloucester…Viva! 

Sisters Robyn Clayton McNair and Amy Clayton Invite all to join them this weekend at the the Lowell Folk Festival! 

Robyn and Amy write~

My sister and I are heading out to the Lowell Folk Festival, the largest folk festival in the U.S.A. This coming weekend! Saturday July 30th & Sunday July 31st 12:00-5:00pm @ the Larcom Park near Merrimack St . We will be representing our fine community with our “crazy hats”. Our booth will be located at Lucy Larcom Park near the Lowell High School. Our booth with be adored with our families handmade replica of the St. Peter’s statue and festive decorations collected over the years from our Annual Fiesta Hat Ladies Backyard Celebration hosted before Fiesta Saturday Races! This year the city of Lowell have plans to celebrate this year’s 30th anniversary with lots of cultural food, music and entertainment throughout the city all weekend! We are honored to be invited to represent Gloucester and our communities celebration of the St. Peter’s Fiesta With our Handcrafted Fiesta Hats in the folk craft artists section of this year’s 30th Folk Festival event. We will be handing out Discover Gloucester travel Brochures and Fiesta Pins to promote our awesome communities cultural event hosted in late June and information about what our beautiful seaside landscape has to offer year round. All are welcome! Please stop by our our booth and say hi! 

July 30th & 31st 12-5 pm 

Festival Address; North Billerica, Massachusetts 01824

Stop By their booth for a photo with the St. Petet’s Fiesta Crazy Hat Ladies & their Incredible Handcrafted 2016 Fiesta Hats! They are truly works of art & should be on display year round at Cape Ann museum ! Robyn and Amy began their Fiesta Hat Tradition several years ago. Thier had crafted hats change each year highlightng a special event, landmark, or a tribute/memorial hononning a  past Fiesta legend. Their hat creations take months to design and craft, and  that have become a highlight of our communities Fiesta  Celebration each year! MA CHE SIAMO TUTTI MUTTI



Two more days and Stage Fort Park becomes Gloucester’s shoreline amphitheater for Country Fest. @cassadeepope headlining, also Houston Bernard Band and Southern City Band


Apparently and not surprisingly Ringo helps Boston Fence set in the fences at Stage Fort for Gloucester’s first country fest,  coming this Saturday noon -5 (gates open 11 AM). I didn’t stop to chat or take more photographs because we were in the middle of a Gloucester beaches challenge. What an unforgettable venue to listen to Cassadee Pope (big single out right now and Voice Season 3 winner. Who was her coach?) and Boston bands Houston Bernard Band and Southern City Band ! Cassadee Pope’s twitter photograph features beach/dune background. Wonder where it was taken? Everyone will have some good photos from Stage Fort. You can listen to Ringo and Emily talk to Joey about the Country fest on the podcast.





Eat Your Vegetables, But Take Care ‘Fiddling’ With Fiddleheads

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Cape Ann Wellness

Promoting Optimal Wellness for Body, Mind and Spirit Promoting Optimal Wellness for Body, Mind and Spirit

Fiddlehead Ferns – Considered a gourmet, wild food found locally from April – July.

I was first introduced to fiddleheads in the 1980’s. A side dish sautéed by my friend Michael Claudio was a delicious accompaniment to one of his many amazing, gourmet meals.

Fiddlehead Nutrition Facts – Low in calories – 34. High in vitamin A (72%) and Vitamin C (44%) (per 100 grams.)

Shop Local. ‘Fresh is Best. Fiber is Filling.’ Though I occasionally had seen fiddleheads at local farm stands and produce stores since I first had them, I had never ventured to cook them myself. This spring I began seeing and enjoying fiddleheads on the menus of some higher end Cape Ann restaurants. Delicious! So when I saw them at a local farm stand (not on Cape Ann and whose name will remain anonymous!)      I decided to add them to a meal I was preparing…

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