Too Much Plaid?

I am a huge fan of plaid.  Gosh knows my boys have worn a ton of it…as have I.  Plaid shirts, plaid shorts, plaid pants, plaid blazers, plaid flip-flops, plaid skirts, plaid dress, plaid headbands….but, never too much plaid all together.  Never.

So, as a lover of plaid, am I missing something?  Isn’t this just a little bit too much?  Jacket, sure!  Pants, why not?  But, together…yikes.


3 thoughts on “Too Much Plaid?

  1. It might be a televison fashion thing like newswomen wearing big necklaces or block print dresses.
    Maybe he’s getting a kick back from the plaid suit manufacturer.
    I saw a weatherman on Ch. 4 wearing a blue sky & cloud suit.
    They are all wannabee actors anyway.


  2. I can tell you for sure I wore too much in the 1970’s the bellbottoms and shirts where plaid…caught my friend using the back of his bellbottom to wipe his greasy chicken fingers! When asked he said who cares nobody looks at the back of bell, guess we called him the Crisco kid after that! So Dave is guilty as charged! Check at Saturday night live too! 🙂 Dave & Kim

    Not Cisco but Crisco kid and was close to the Rio Grande!

    Cisco Kid – War


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