Cooper's Hawk Rockport MA www.kimsmithdesigns.com 2016Cooper’s Hawk, at least I think it is an immature Cooper’s Hawk. Raptor experts reading this please weigh in!

Several nights ago while filming at T Wharf in truly gorgeous fading light a very cool hawk flew on the scene, hungrily hunting the flock of pigeons that were circling around Motif #1. The kerfuffle was captured on film, and then he perched about fifteen feet away from where I was standing! I very slowly and quietly turned cameras toward him. The hawk stayed for a few moments longer before heading back out to chase the pigeons.

I believe this is an immature Cooper’s Hawk because of the beautiful elongated teardrop-shaped patterning of the feathers on its breast, the distinguishing three bars on its long tail, and the yellow eyes. What do you think?

Cooper's Hawk Rockport MA www.kimsmithdesigns.com 2016 -2

Cooper's Hawk Rockport MA www.kimsmithdesigns.com 2016 -3The light was so dim and the hawk photos were shot at only a shutter speed of 40 and high ISO of 5400. Nonetheless, I’m impressed with the clarity of the images from my new lens when shooting in very low light conditions.


Motif #1 (Not fuji, iPhone 6sPlus photo)


  1. It is the little bugger that killed one of my hens. (I live on the harbor) The debate is if it is an immature Red Tail or Cooper’s hawk. I have seen this little killer up close and personalL. I, however, I think it’s a falcon due to it’s size. Immature Peregrine and females look just like Cooper’s and Red Tail hawks. It is NOT as big as the Hawks; more like the falcon in size.

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  2. Love your photography and look forward to seeing it every day! Thank you for sharing. Please tell me what new long lens you have purchased. The photos are beautiful. This hawk is magnificent!

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    1. Thank you Nancy so very much. I bought a Fuji x100 23mm fixed lens when it first came out, which was really a brand new line for them. The soon developed an interchangeable lens system and have been slowly releasing new lenses. I really like Fuji cameras and have stuck with them, waiting for three years for them to develop a lens such as their new 100mm to 400mm lens. I new it was going to be expensive and have been saving. It has been worth the wait, so far!!


  3. Many thanks for your amazing talk and photo presentation on the birds of Cape Ann. It was so impressive and informative. The images remained with me all day. Thank you for sharing your expertise and amazing images, we are truly blessed to have such a talented, knowledgeable member of the community sharing her wealth. And thank you Rocky Neck Cultural Center!

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    1. Thank you JoAnn for your very kind comment, so very much appreciated. So many thanks again to the Cultural Center; they did a flawless job organizing and from my perspective, made presenting very smooth and seamless. It was a wonderful audience and I thank everyone again for their interest!


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