Are fishcakes obsolete? No. 4 from Al Bezanson

The original post in this series, about Gorton’s abandoning consumers, was shared on the GMG Facebook page.  That led to a post by a British reader calling attention to this gem.

Seafayre's Sheffield Fishcake
Seafayre’s Sheffield Fishcake

8 thoughts on “Are fishcakes obsolete? No. 4 from Al Bezanson

    1. Yes indeed! I can say when I went to UK on a business trip back in 1999 RAF Feltwell first year after retirement from USAF, at Thetford UK, got to try out the fish and chips 🙂 My very large plate was so full almost could not eat it all but I did and the folks were great. Stayed at a castle that was rumored to be a place where the late Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr. visited when he was an ambassador to UK – nice place in countryside stone lined roads they were renovating it at the time and they still had the weights in the windows like the old Lanesville school hose had on both sides of windows if I recall correctly great staff with a big fireplace and bar rolling fields out back…:-) Dave


  1. Thanks for reblogging this. I have had 100 plus views from good Gloucester folk eager to learn about a great North of England delicacy. Best eaten with chips (French fries) and mushy peas. See the blog for the peas recipe: “Praise the Lord and pass the mushy peas.”

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    1. Bless you Martin. I will send this on to our leader, Joey, and pray that he includes it in this series. The choice of a companion for fishcakes reveals a great deal about FC aficionados.

      Are you, perchance, a member of the esteemed Dull Men’s Club of Great Britain? Over here in your former colony there are now three subsidiary chapters. The DMCOGB has set a high standard that we can only hope to live up to.

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