Snow Moon February Niles Pond Birch Tree kimsmithdesigns.com 2016

Niles Pond Birch Tree in the Rising Snow Moon
Snow Moon February Good Harbor Beach kimsmithdesigns.com 2016

And hand in hand, on the edge of the sand,

They danced by the light of the moon. – Edward Lear

Snow Moon February Niles Pond Birch Tree kimsmithdesigns.com 2016 -4

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An artist’s beautiful rendering of the future @BeauportHotel Grand Ballroom.#gloucesterma #weddings #event

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Live Smoke- Texas Style #Beef #Ribs On The @WeberGrills Kettle On www.northeastbbq.com

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Northeast BBQ

Follow along the live smoke all morning at www.northeastbbq.com

5:30AM Set up the kettle with a aluminum pan filled with water and briquettes set up snake style around the bowl for a low and slow sesh.  Lit 12 briquettes inn the chimney and dumped them on the left end of the trail of briquettes which we’re looking to gradually catch and provide steady even heat between 275-300 degrees.  using cherry chips and mesquite chunks.

I’m not sure if it’s just our local Stop and Shop market that pre-cuts the racks of beef ribs or if it’s done elsewhere as well.  I buy what’s on sale usually and they had 2.4 lbs on sale for $2.24 per lb so I couldn’t pass them up (you can’t see the sale tag in the first picture).


Slathered them up lightly with yellow mustard and applied a generous coating of coarse salt and black…

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Did you know The Red Jacket Resort was named after a Famous Clipper ship Which Was Named After a Famous Indian?

A couple of weeks ago I was driving up North and when we passed through Newburyport I got to wondering why it was that Newburyport associated itself with Clipper Ships as opposed to Essex and Gloucester being associated with Essex built and Gloucester fished Schooners.

I emailed our boy Al Bezanson for some answers which he answered in yesterday’s GloucesterCast (listen here).

But then during school vacation I took the girls up to the Red Jacket Resort in North Conway which right around 40 years ago was the first place my parents took me on vacation.  When checking in at the Red Jacket Resort, right behind the desk was a framed print of the Clipper Ship The Red Jacket.

So I googled it.  Check out the results here and the interesting history of the Famed Clipper.



This Guy

I’m so mad that I forgot about these photos until last night.  Posting photos of this guy on a 37 degree day isn’t nearly as fun as it would have been on February 12th when my car thermometer read 9 degrees.  It was that very day that he drove past me on 1A in Beverly.  I was coming back from a quick trip to Tendercrop on my lunch break and, the consummate blogger that I am (the adjective…not the verb…and an exaggeration at that) I simply had to turn around and get a better look as I saw him turn in for gas.

Might I add that he took forever getting gas (with two trips into the gas station) and I felt more than a bit like a stalker as I sat in the parking lot waiting for him to exit so that I could snap a decent pic.

It was FREEZING that day….I’m quite certain we broke records….yet, there he was driving around town in his Cobra…and his helmet.  Was the helmet for safety?  I’m guessing it was because of the cold. Did he want to be out driving his convertible in such extreme temps…or was his other car at the mechanic.   I had so many questions. Maybe he’ll write in.


Blood Drive March 3rd

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Cape Ann Community

We have 17 pre-registrations for the upcoming March 3rd Blood Drive. Can you help us get to 35?
March 3rd we’ll be helping the American Red Cross with a community blood drive from 2 to 7 pm at the Our Lady of Good Voyage Parish Hall.

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