Set to music by Peter Dayton, “Perfect Wave” is a compilation of clips from the day after blizzard Jonas, filmed along the Back Shore and at Good Harbor Beach. I only needed a few shots of B-roll for several projects but the light was so beautiful I stayed and stayed. Mesmerizing, yet terrifying to imagine being on the sea in a boat, the waves were spectacular from every vantage point along Atlantic Road. As a friend said, it was a photographer’s dream that afternoon. I’d love to make another short to Peter’s fantastic surfing song, set in Gloucester at Good Harbor Beach, but during the summertime.


So many thanks to my friend Peter for allowing use of “Perfect Wave.” I heard the song on his website recently. Boston rockers will surely remember Peter from La Peste. Peter is also a phenomenal painter and you can see some of his images of minimalist surfboard inspired paintings and collaged flower paintings on his website here: Peter Dayton


floral-copyPeter’s fabric designs for Dior on the New York runway





Cape Ann Power Yoga Double Dog Dares You!

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Cape Ann Wellness



Just what is a “Double”?

2 yoga classes in 1 day. (We recommend back to back)


You know that feeling you get when you walk out of a hot power yoga class? Like your body, mind, and soul have all been run through a washing machine? Your head is clear, you’re healthy, and free from any discomfort? Imagine feeling twice as good.

Is it safe?

Yes. In fact it’s a lot better for you than eating white sugar or drinking cocktails.

How do I enter in the drawing for a Month Unlimited?

Just come and take two classes in one day, any day in the month of February. Let the teacher or check in person know that you’ve doubled down and you will be entered in to the drawing.

Is it possible to double down my double down?

Yes! Check in on facebook (photos are a huge plus) at Cape Ann Power Yoga and a…

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Live Smoked Pepper Stout Beef On The @WeberGrills Kettle Using @TheWolfePit Recipe

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Northeast BBQ

Follow the live smoke all morning at

Larry from has my favorite bbq video series check out his site at the link above for this recipe.

Set up the Kettle for the snake method using briquettes, cherry chips and mesquite chunks.


Got a third of a chimney going and dumped the asked over coals onto the left end of the briquette “fuse” looking to keep temps around 250 degrees for smoking the beef.


Applied Worcestershire sauce to the chuck roast and then coated with coarse salt and black pepper.



Once the pit hit 250 degrees tossed the beef on and inserted the probe.


Closed the lid and started chopping the veggies. Chopped half a green pepper, a whole red pepper, two jalapeño peppers with the seeds, three Cloves of garlic minced and a half of a red onion in

Once the beef hits 165 internal we pull it…

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Gloucester: On the Waterfront by David Bovet

Good Harbor surf & boat  Red, white and green  Terra Nova on the ways

Exhibit at the Matz Gallery, Sawyer Free Library – February 2016

Photographs by David Bovet

Artist’s Statement

Fishing and the sea have defined Gloucester for centuries. The sights and smells of the water and boats are everywhere. I love roaming the docks in Gloucester to see what’s happening and perhaps capture a compelling image.

These photographs attempt to convey some of the unique marine flavor of Gloucester – especially the rugged beauty of the city’s pride, its fishing boats. And a few shots of the wide horizon’s grander view as well. My focus is on light, color and pleasing patterns, on large or small scale.

I hope you enjoy viewing these pictures as much as I’ve enjoyed making them. Walk around Gloucester and check out the waterfront in person!


This show combines my lifelong passion for boats and the sea with the art of photography. I first visited Gloucester during college, while in Boston for a work term at a fishing boat design firm. Originally trained as a naval architect, I’ve since moved on to management consulting but never lost my love of boats. A Lexington resident, I also own a home in Gloucester and enjoy spending time on Cape Ann. I’m a member of the First Parish Fine Arts Photography Club in Concord and have exhibited at the State House in Boston and at venues in Lexington and Concord.

Wanna know whose fault this parking ticket is?

Not anyone else’s but mine.  Not the metermaid.  Not the City of Gloucester.  Not the parking clerk.  It’s Joey Ciaramitaro’s fault.  Because even though I fed two other meters in different downtown locations just one hour earlier, I forgot to feed this one.  It wasn’t a conscious decision to try to run in and run out of the store.  It was just a mental lapse and I forgot.  So it’s on me.  I accept 100% of the responsibility and blame.