unnamedThese stunning photos of Atlantic Road utterly demolished by storm damage, taken in 1991, were sent to us by GMG FOB Mary McLoud Tucker. Although she resides in Annapolis, she has deep roots in Gloucester. The photos are from a booklet published by the Gloucester Daily Times. Many, many thanks to Mary for taking the time to send these very graphic images.

Photos by Cristin M. Gisler, Bart A. Piscitello, Gail McCarthy, Sally O’Maley, Jeff Pope. Text by Gail McCarthy


  1. I hope someone is sending these photos to the individual who wants to build homes on these rocks. there is no photos of the long section where huge boulders were pulverized into small rocks. nor photos of the road destroyed in certain sections.

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  2. A cousin and dear friend, Cornelia “Coco” Tillotson, sent us this book. We were heartbroken for everyone, but we were also overwhelmed with joy when we saw how you brought back the beauty and peace of the area in record time. Bless you all.

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  3. They weren’t only large boulders…lots was 442 million year old ledge. These guys thin they can human engineer themselves ‘against’ the ocean? Piffle. I had HOPED this booklet would appear! There is also an old VCR tape of the results of the Perfect Storm. I HOPE the action committee can find one!

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  4. I tried using the City of Gloucester’s “Contact Us” site to send the link to these photos to the Planning Board. As they say, one picture is worth….

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  5. I will send the booklet to Kim today and my mother would be proud that I do so. I hope the booklet containing more photos of Bass Rocks and Atlantic Roads devastation will be of help in your ~ no OUR ~ cause. I trust your meeting tonight will go well ~ Hold Fast.

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    1. Thank you Mary so very much for sending the copies of the booklet. You went to great effort and we are so appreciative. The photos are incredibly impactful and illustrate perfectly the destruction of a nor’easter such as the Perfect Storm experienced in 1991. The extraordinary East Coast “every one hundred year storms” seem to be occurring with greater and greater frequency. The additional photos will surely be a help. Many thanks again Mary.


  6. Growing up in the midwest, I never realized just how powerful a hurricane (or no-name storm) could be.

    During the no-name storm in 1991, my brother was driving out from Chicago to MA to visit. He called to see if he should keep coming. He said his truck and tractor trailers were swerving all over the highway from the wind. I was so naive about hurricanes, I didn’t realize the effects could reach far inland. I told me to “keep coming; that’s far from the storm,” not realizing that the effects of this storm reached far inland. :O

    I was living in Newton at the time. The day after the storm we drove to Cape Ann and up the east coast. Atlantic Rd. and many others were impassable and closed. Houses were washed into the ocean; others flooded. Lobster pots were tossed up into the trees at Norman’s woe, 40 feet in the air and 100 feet from the shoreline. An eye opening experience that made me realize that living right on the ocean was not a great idea.

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  7. The 3rd picture down (“Sightseers turn out to see the rubble”) has special meaning for me – in the very center, that’s Joe and our dog Rusty (and me) climbing over the rocks. I remember thinking, “oh no one will see us” because we just threw on heavy sweats and coats – it was still cold and blowing. So lesson learned, a picture lives forever, no? 🙂
    We were both completely shocked at the level of destruction and damage. I remember thinking it looked like a plane had flown down Atlantic Road and dropped bombs every 30 feet. It was inconceivable a storm could destroy that much and do so much damage. It was surreal and frightening and I’ll never forget it – and I’ve lived through tornadoes in my lifetime.

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  8. The power of Hurricane Grace/Henri 1991 October – and there were many that blew in and left their mark on memories and those who brought a whole new meaning to shored up!! Dave

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