James Merry: First Attacked tonight

EJ posted these shots in 2011. September 18, 1892 122 years ago. The death of James Merry by a three year old bull owned by Patrick Nugent in a field in Dogtown owned by Curtis.

James Merry was a fisher man back in days of yore
But he left the blue in ninety-two for the trade of matador
So he got a bull and he raised it up full
And he learned the corrida lore
Then he died like a toad on the Dogtown Road
Bleeding from a stomach gore

-by Shep Abbott

6 thoughts on “James Merry: First Attacked tonight

  1. Up Dogtown Rd off Cherry Street. If you get a map of Babson Boulders those two rocks are near “NEVER TRY NEVER WIN”.
    GPS coordinates are: 42°38.333’ 070°39.318’

    and a map is here:

    Click to access Babson_Boulder_Trail_Map.pdf

    But it is more fun to find someone who knows the way. It is pretty easy to get lost up there. If you can hike a straight line you can always get out but those woods are haunted by the witches that lived up there and they’ll have you going around in circles. If you meet Judy Rhines, run!


  2. This is what foundation is all about and there is a bunch of it there…During recess at Beeman (60’s) there was no fences to keep us out of the woods or going into dog town I was in the 5th grade then…I loved walked past the outside basketball hoops to where the woods was about 100 feet from back of school go lay by the rocks and day dream, pick tea-berries, had rabbit out there and few phesant…

    P.S. Just don’t get cuaght looking out the windows so much that was hard for me with such a great view:-)

    🙂 Dave & Kim:-)


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