Live Wine Stompin’: What a day!

The Mathews Family put on an amazing event today! Generosity and fun was in no short supply here, folks. There were fresh grapes being picked, homemade Italian classic dishes arriving every minute, and the wine was flowing. What’s could be better? All of this, by the way, was part of the filming for an upcoming project that Sista Felicia and I are working on, so stay tuned for that!

La Famiglia

First up, Limoncello before the stomp.

Sista gets stomping.

The girls making magic.


The Godfather of the Wine!

You got stickad!

The Shirt Back

The Shirt Front

It’s an Italian thang, you wouldn’t understand.

6 thoughts on “Live Wine Stompin’: What a day!

  1. Discrimation!!!!
    I’m skinny and I can jump up and down on a grape as well as anybody else.
    SIsta Felicia is also skinny and she can stomp.
    Go skinnies! Go!


  2. Thank you Neil and Bridgette for the invitation to participate in your 4th annunal Wine Making Event! Craig and I had a blast stomping eating and drinking with you and your guests! That was a day I never forget❤️


  3. Excellent how many gallons? Here is a little reflective music
    Dave 🙂 Kim 🙂
    The Grapes of Wrath (1940) Brother Can You Spare a Dime


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