Free Online Storage and Why You Should Be Using It

I use a bunch of free online storage options.  Mainly I use Dropbox for sharing big files, Microsoft OneDrive for stuff that I want to use on any of my computers, GoogleDrive for documents on the fly, Flickr, Amazon mp3 for music.  I don’t use Picassa because it seems when people share photos using Picassa they always send the small compressed files rather than the better quality hi res ones.  For a blog that relys heavily on photos, that’s sucky.  I do think Picassa works well for lots of people and I love most everything else Google but that one little thing drives me nuts about Picassa.

Anyway, it goes without saying that you should back up your hard drive often.  I suggest at least one hard copy onto an external drive and a service like Carbonite that backs everything up to the cloud for your important files like photos, music, videos and documents.

But what I’m mainly focusing on in this post are online storage options that are free and allow you access to the bulk of your photos, music and documents for easy access anywhere you are in the world and from any device.

The main one I use because it syncs so perfectly among all my computers and makes beautiful photo albums I can share on the blog is OneDrive from Microsoft (formerly SkyDrive).  It allows me to make beautiful slideshows and photo presentations and it’s completely free.  I can acess the files from any of my devices including my android phone, Apple iPad, my laptop or my desktop PC. To get it and it’s storage for free click here

Here’s a snapshot of my OneDrive homescreen- Simple, uncluttered, easy to navigate.

I highly recommend you take advantage of this free online storage option

Get it here


Tomorrow DropBox

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