The Ciaramitaro Women Get Together!


club 1

Whenever there is a pregnancy announcement in the family the Ciaramitaro women break out their knitting and Crochet needles and head straight for the yarn shop to get supplies needed to make the new baby’s “Ruota”… ( handmade sweaters, hats, booties, carriage coverlets, and blankets.) Just before the holidays my cousin Amy & her husband Bill broke the big news that they were expecting their first child this spring. Last night 3 generations of the Ciaramitaro family gathered at my mothers house for what we call “Club Night”. Originally this traditional crafting gathering took place during morning or afternoon coffee times, and over the years, transpired into an evening event with a light dinner and wine, to accommodate the working womens schedules in the family. Last night was the first of many fun nights we will all spend together over the next few months preparing for the family’s new princess!

After a quick dinner…the projects begin…to see more…


Cousin Ally working on her knitting project…

club dinner 2

Cousin Amy crafting a hair bow holder…

amy craft project


3 thoughts on “The Ciaramitaro Women Get Together!

  1. Thanks – Family what it’s all about! “The native traditions that follow several generations of a family from “birth to adulthood, to older age (wisdom), to childen following. This is the four cycles of life.:-)


  2. Felicia I remember this tradition with your grandmother felicia when she lived on tolman ave. Her sister ann lived next door and in the summer time we would walk down the hill to the beach and a bunch of ladies would sit under a tree and they would all knit for someones baby. Glad to see your still carrying it on only in a different location. This brings back happy memories for me. Thank you for sharing this.


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