Request for Help from GMG Community and Monarch Film Update


For the past three years I have been filming the life story of the Monarch Butterfly in backyards and along the shores of Cape Ann. My original intent was to tell the story of the butterflies primarily as it relates to their northern breeding grounds and specifically here in our community. Prior to filming, I wrote a children’s story about the Monarchs and during this entire time I have had an ongoing inner debate as to whether or not to travel to Mexico. While editing the film these past few months, I determined that capturing the butterfly’s story in their winter sleeping grounds as they are awakening in Mexico would only add to the film’s depth and beauty. To film in Mexico would be a dream come true.

If you listened to Joey’s GMG podcast yesterday, you heard that in February I am going to be filming the butterflies in Mexico!! This all has come about very quickly! I have to practice walking five miles a day, recall how to ride a horse, and learn enough Spanish so that if I am separated from my group or kidnapped by bandits, I can at least inquire as to where is the bathroom.

Does anyone know of a local outfit that gives lessons in trail riding? And does anyone have experience with a Spanish language lesson CD (basic)? If so, can you please recommend in the comment section. Thank  you!!!!!!!

Stay tuned for adventures from Mexico! Beauty on the Wing ~ Life Story of the Monarch Butterfly will premiere  in the summer of 2014.

Rather than wait until the film was complete, this weekend I made a new website for the film-in-progress. When you have a moment, I hope you’ll visit my website and read more about Beauty on the Wing here.

monarch-butterfly-milkweed-good-harbor-beach-c2a9kim-smith-2011Monarch Butterfly Nectaring at Common Milkweed ~ Good Harbor Beach, Gloucester

Beauty on the Wing celebrates the poetry and majesty of the uniquely North American phenomenon of the Monarch butterfly and its migration. There are no other butterflies the world over that travel this distance and it is a fascinating ecological link that connects Mexico with nearly every geographic region within the United States and Canada. How well the forested habitats of Michoacán are taken care of is as of equal importance to the Monarchs as how we in Gloucester conserve our habitats.

23 thoughts on “Request for Help from GMG Community and Monarch Film Update

  1. Kim, first of all, what a wonderful opportunity and adventure for you! Spanish. If you have an Apple product there is an app called ITunes U that has a multitude of subjects to study including Spanish with lots of choices. Have a great time!


    1. Thank you saint707, great idea and will google it this morning. Thank you!

      Reader Mark sent the following, which also sounds like a great idea.

      Read your request…sounds like an awesome adventure…wish you much success..Was wondering if you are aware of the FREE app for Iphones its called..Translate Voice Free…May save you lots of time and be able to find more than the…Let me know if it works out for you


  2. Kim, I would love to get together with you and hear more about your trip! I am a Spanish Teacher in Rockport and I am an afficionado of butterflies, birds and blooms. I admire your work and your eye for nature. Gracias, y buena suerte!
    PS Check out Mango language course via the Sawyer Free Library. Also, Youtube has a TON of Spanish videos for all levels of Spanish learners. I particularly like ‘Tontito Frito’.


  3. I heard about this on the podcast yesterday and told Michelle about your trip. While we don’t have anything to help with trail riding and can’t help much with Spanish (learn numbers and money first–everything else is pretty easy to pick up as you go), Michelle has been to a Monarch winter habitat in Mexico and has seen trees with branches drooping from the weight of thousands of butterflies. She’ll be at Duckworth’s later this week, so you should see if you can chat her up. Mexico is an incredible place to visit, especially outside the typical tourist destinations. Have fun and take lots of pictures!


  4. Sounds like a great adventure! Another free app that is good for many languages is Memrise. Also you might want to check if you need any vaccinations for hepatitis or typhoid, depending on where you will be traveling. Have fun..looking forward to hearing about your trip. Love Monarchs and sad at how the numbers have dwindled these past few years.


    1. Thank you Ellen; called the travel clinic yesterday to make an appointment.
      I am going with a scientist who has been studying the butterflies for decades and will have more to report back on their decreasing numbers.


  5. Kim,
    What a great way to get out of the cold right and something you love so much. Check your mail sent some infomation Plesantries and introductions, common words, common questions english and spanish 1 page PDF.. Mi Nombre es (My name is—Kim Smith)…Only basic…Everyone above has offered you solid advice…You are the right person for this adventure and capture the beauty f it all…Enjoy! Dave & Kim 🙂


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