The Daily Traveler Chimes in On Gloucester’s Most Beautiful Lobster Trap Tree (and those other horribly misfigured Lobster trap trees from other places)


This Is a Thing? Lobster Trap Christmas Trees Are Serious Business in New England

By Jennifer M. Wood

December 7, 2013, 11:00 AM

We’re always excited to discover a Christmas tree that isn’t a “tree” at all. Like the one made of wine bottles at Seattle’s Hotel Vintage Park, the 2,130-foot tall “tree” of lights on the side of Italy’s Mount Ingino, and Lithuania’s recycled plastic bottle spruce. But for more than a decade, a new holiday tradition has been brewing in some of New England’s most charming coastal towns: lobster trap Christmas trees. And the competition to build the best of the bunch has gotten heated. We’re not about to get in the middle of a friendly fishing village rivalry, but take a look at the different ways in which five towns are putting their personal stamps on the lobster trap tree trend.

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I believe we’ve already chimed in year after year on the matter-  the evidence is clear and the people have spoken.   Sane people prefer our Lobster Trap Tree decorated by sweet adoring children from the Gloucester Community with heart felt appreciation for our lobster industry and hard working fishermen to the abominations seen below.

Don’t forget to bring your children down to Art Haven to paint a buoy to adorn the tree.  That’s what separates our lobster trap tree from all those horribly disfigured monstrosity lobster trap trees up in Maine that are all simply  built out of generic traps and cheap pre-made ribbons imported from China and manufactured in sweat shops with unfair labor practices.

Here we go folks, the fourth year of our fair and balanced GMG Lobster Trap Tree poll-

Gloucester’s Lobster Trap Tree Decorated With Hand Painted Buoys By The Loving Appreciative Children Of Gloucester MA-



Provincetown lobster trap tree adorned with cheap imported Chinese pre-made slave labor ribbons-



Isn’t Provincetown where all the gays are?  I know the gays are better than this, much more creative and artistic.  Be better Provincetown, you’re not representing well here- at all.


Then you got the terribly disfigured one from Maine where it looks more like a Christmas Spike than a Christmas Tree-


15 thoughts on “The Daily Traveler Chimes in On Gloucester’s Most Beautiful Lobster Trap Tree (and those other horribly misfigured Lobster trap trees from other places)

  1. I thought christmas lights were always hot – but this one has that special touch to it like the rival high school and college teams 🙂 Merry Christmas!


  2. “Isn’t Provincetown where all the gays are? I know the gays are better than this, much more creative and artistic. Be better Provincetown, you’re not representing well here- at all.”

    That’s just offensive.


    1. It’s offensive to compliment a group of people?

      Is it offensive to say that Italians are great cooks?

      Are all Italians great cooks?

      Or are we being overly politically correct?

      Are we not supposed to mention gay people as if they are not a worthy great group of people who tend to make communities better?

      What is offensive is not recognizing it.


      1. Joey, you are trading in offensive stereotypes.

        Searching for cover by claiming that your stereotype is “complementary”, and by claiming that those offended are imposing “political correctness”, and by suggesting that those of us who are offended somehow don’t recognize how great gay people are, just compound the offense.


        1. What group in the world is offended by saying that they are creative and artistic?

          You don’t think that there is a difference between positive and negative stereotypes?

          I didn’t say you don’t recognize how great some gay people are. I say you are bending over backwards to try to make yourself sound more intellectually advanced or progressive by pulling out the PC card when there’s no offence.

          Just mentioning the word gay is not a negative stereotype unless you of course would think that.

          To say that gay communities are not more artistic is not an offensive thing to say either. But you’re so desperately trying to make it that way to make yourself look morally superior


    1. Not a chance! Maine killed multiple Evergreens to build their “Tree” Gloucester’s is much greener, environmentally sound, well constructed, perfectly decorated and lit so everyone can enjoy it. Gloucester all the way and all day!


  3. I think your statement about “the gays” and their artistic and creative abilities is what they call a back handed compliment.

    And what is offensive is your not recognizing it.


    1. I think you’re trying to make it sound like a back handed compliment but the facts are the facts. Communities that have large gay populations are far and away more beautiful and artistic communities than boring bedroom communities.

      You trying to make it sound bad shows that you would be more hophobic than someone that celebrates and feels comfortable enough pointing out qualities.

      Its surprising to me that its mostly progressives that try to make any mention of someone gay into a Politically Correct offense.

      Are we that far backward that we can’t say that communities with large gay populations dont tend to have better artistic communities as well?

      What the heck is wromg with implying that I ask you??

      Seriously. Its like you are bending over so hard to prove that you are politically correct that you are the one trying to make it as if its something bad or to hush up.

      Celebrate the differences for Christ’s sake. Especially when they are compliments.


      1. Joey, if someone is offended by your comment abut stereotypes of gay people, and your response is to suggest that that person might be more homophobic than you are, you might want to reconsider your original comment.


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