White-throated Sparrow and Winter Moth Post From Kim Smith

White-throated Sparrow and Winter Moth


White-throated Sparrow Dining on Winter Moth Larvae

Last May my husband and I were delighted to discover a large flock of White-throated Sparrows (Zonotrichia albicolli) rumpusing about our garden. A chorus of choristers chortling My Sweet Canada, Canada, Canada or alternatively Old Sam Peabody, Peabody, Peabody, their clear, elegant notes were heard for several days and they were easily spotted rustling about the hedge, dining on safflower seeds from the ground below the bird feeder, and feasting on winter moth caterpillars in the trees. I believe it to be a fairly rare occurrence to observe a flock migrating this far east through Cape Ann. My East Gloucester neighbor Jen, who has a lovely garden even closer to the easternmost edges of the peninsula, reported same. Her flock also stayed for several days enjoying the winter moth caterpillar banquet found in her yard. Rather than walk or run, White-throated Sparrows hop, and we delighted in our all too brief encounter with this beautiful and entertaining “Whistler of the North.”

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One thought on “White-throated Sparrow and Winter Moth Post From Kim Smith

  1. Thanks for the pic of the white-throated sparrow. It brought back memories of my many adventures in the Adirondack Mountains where the song of these elusive birds often accompanied our climbing.


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