One Inch Baby Lobsters Filmed and Released Video

99.999% of folks never get to see what these tiny creatures look like at this stage of their development.  We filmed the ones that came up in Toby Burnham’s aboard the Jupiter II traps and then released them to live another day.

Have you subscribed to Good Morning Gloucester yet?  If not you may miss these things and what kind of Gloucester person wants to miss out on the insider stuff?

5 thoughts on “One Inch Baby Lobsters Filmed and Released Video

  1. When my daughter was four years old and we were living in Boston, I took a design job on Martha’s Vineyard for the summer. One of her favorite beaches was Lambert’s Cove in West Tisbury (and mine, too, because it is a very gentle cove–no enormous Gayhead waves that would sweep her out to sea!). Throughout the summer we would invariably find masses of baby sea life. One day it might be baby lobsters, another day baby horseshoe crabs, or baby shrimp. Perhaps one of your readers knows more about Lambert’s Cove and what makes this estuary so full of new life?


  2. All estuaries are full of new life. Estuaries are a safe haven for all sorts of sea life to spawn, including fish. This is why preserving and conserving estuaries is so important. When we lose them, we lose the safe habitat for animals to reproduce and baby sea life to grow safe before they head out to the ocean.


  3. Hi
    I am a watercolor painter in Nj. I would love a still photo of the baby lobster to paint. Any chance of one. Thanks. I heard about your blog through a friend that lives in Gloucester. This is great.


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