The Building Of Discovery Gloucester For The Boat Parade Slide Show

Tobin Arsenault forwarded me these pics- click the picture for the slide show of the Discovery Gloucester Being Built

Click The Pic For The Discovery Gloucester Being Built Slide Show
Click The Pic For The Discovery Gloucester Being Built Slide Show

Thanks Tobin for providing me the pictures

More on The Massachusetts Quarter Travesty

photoi courtesy Donna Ardizzone
photoi courtesy Donna Ardizzone

I guarantee if you took an unbiased poll of people around the country, the recognition and association of The Man At The Wheel would be overwhelming in relation to some nondescript building in Lowell.

But what really gets me is the utter disregard for Gloucester in all things political.

The South Shore gets ridiculous amounts of money to fund projects at Woods Hole.  Some park that hardly anyone has ever heard of gets to bump off Gloucester on the Massachusetts quarter.  Our fishing industry gets reduced to a fraction of it’s former self.

All these other places get funding and recognition.

We should just line up all our citizens and let them kick us in the balls and get it over with.  It would be more painful at first but maybe we could get past it.

Where is our representation???

I hope to christ that they are on the phone screaming and taking someone’s head off.  Enough is enough.

If you are as disgusted as I am won’t you join me in writing the US Mint?

United States Mint
Office of Public Affairs
801 9th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20220-0001

thanks Renata Green for providing the address

Movie – “In The Loop”

Playing Sept. 11-17 at Cape Ann Community Cinema

Playing Sept. 11-17 at Cape Ann Community Cinema

(978) 282-1988


FRIDAY, SEPT. 11 @ 7:30PM
SATURDAY, SEPT. 12 @ 5:00PM & 7:30PM
SUNDAY, SEPT. 13 @ 5:00PM & 7:30PM

In The Loop is a smart comedy that is drawing instant comparisons to some of the great political and absurdist comedies such as Doctor Strangelove, Wag The Dog and Thank You For Smoking by way of the legendary troupe Monty Python. With razor-sharp, truly laugh-out-loud dialogue the film pokes fun at the absurdity and ineptitude of our highest leaders. With everyone looking out for number one, and the fate of the free world at stake (but apparently incidental), the hilarious ensemble cast of characters bumbles its way through Machiavellian political dealings, across continents, and toward comic resolutions that are unforeseeable.

“A venomous and incisive cinema exposé and it builds a relentless head of comic steam that never subsides.” -Mark Keizer, Boxoffice Magazine

“The savage comedy of ‘In The Loop’ is enough to justify hailing it as a triumph.” -Allan Hunter, Daily Express

Gloucester Schooner Festival Weekend Pics From David Cox

Jimmy T took David Cox, his grandson Tyler and Steve Borichevsky for a row aboard a grand banks dory for Schooner Festival.  Pics will be forthcoming.

The Man At The Wheel Gets Bumped For Some Park In Lowell?

This morning’s Gloucester Daily Times brought news that the state’s quarter will not be sporting The Man at The Wheel Icon even though it won in a landslide of votes, and is being bumped for some park that no one outside of Lowell has ever heard of.

You have got to be fucking kidding me!

Who the hell has ever heard of the Lowell National Park and does anyone really think that our State in any way should be associated with a park in Lowell rather than The Proud Man At The Wheel.  This state was founded on Codfish you fucking idiots!  What a laughing stock the state of Massachusetts will become if this travesty is allowed to happen.

They put it out to vote- The Man at The Wheel Won in a landslide, and now they are pulling the rug out from under us for a park in Lowell????

Lowell…………….. seriously??????????

Read the story from the Gloucester Daily Times here

Does The Park In Lowell Have a Song Like This Written About It????