Cape Ann Brewing Grand Opening

Yesterday I went down to Commercial St. for the Grand Opening of the Cape Ann Brewing Co. It was packed and everyone was having a good time. The weather cooperated so there were tons of people out walking. Even though it was busy, the guys took time to talk with me, clarify some of the processes, and were just downright friendly.

They use the British method of brewing beer. Check here for information on this process and here for an explanation of the bunghole. Yikes! I hope I have this right!

Thanks to TJ,  Mary, Jeremy, and everyone for a great time. Best of luck!

Careful, this has music!

4 thoughts on “Cape Ann Brewing Grand Opening

  1. Thanks for coming out yesterday Sharon, it was a good time and we just were blown away by the amount of support we got. The video was fantastic. Cheers!


  2. That was great! We were there around 2 and even got a pic with Jeremy for the community newsletter we produce in the north Dallas area of Frisco, TX. My husband, Matt Lafata, grew up in Gloucester and we were so happy our short trip was able to include a stop at the grand opening. Great job! We had a blast. 🙂


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