GMG Featured On Homepage Today

I’ve been checking out my stats today and the numbers have been off the charts so I dug a little deeper and saw they were coming from not, but from the main page. So I checked it out a little further and it is featured on the main page under the heading New England Blogs all by itself. you can see for yourself if you click there and scroll down in the right hand column about 3/4 of the way down on the front page!


GMG On Homepage
GMG On Homepage

 We’ve also been added to the permanent Blogroll-

Mending Nets- Fishermen At Work

It was twenty degrees, the wind is screaming and these guys have been out here for three days repairing this tore up net.  Video Part One at 9:00AM

Mending Nets- Fishermen At Work, originally uploaded by captjoe06.