Renewal of Newell Stadium hits the Finish Line

The Renewal of Newell Stadium hits the finish line, with a helicopter fly-by, rising of the flag, ribbon cutting and a review of all the athletic teams, a day of celebration, and Gloucester has won every game played on the New Balance Field at Newel Stadium. ABSOUTLY PERFECT !!



Renewal of Newell Golf Ball Drop

Dean Salah Writes-

Hey Joey, Dean Salah, don’t know if anyone has told you about the newest
fundraiser the GFAA is conducting to raise further funds for The Renewal Of Newell.
Anyway it is a golf ball drop whereas for a $20 donation you get a numbered golf ball of which they are only selling 500 tickets and the 500 golf balls will be dropped from a helicopter.

The three balls closest to the "pin" will win large cash prizes!! The drop will happen at Newell stadium right after the pee wee championship football game at the stadium.

Tickets are $20 each or 3 for $50.
Tickets available at George’s Coffee Shop.  Lets continue to support this endeavor so we can make the new field
a reality!!