Painting with Pauline LIVE at Trio Restaurant and Bar

Check out Painting with Pauline LIVE at Trio Restaurant and Bar, Thursday 6:30-7:30pm, 64 Main Street, hosted by Bridge Cape Ann and Pauline’s Gifts. The weather forecast looks perfect for a fun event at that pretty outside deck.

Italiano’s has evolved into Trio: “Owners Deo and Paula Braga are creating a legacy of high quality family dining here on Cape Ann.  The acclaimed Azorean celebrates the classic cuisine of the Azores… and now they present the Trio Restaurant, Portuguese, American and Italian cuisine. Trio celebrates Italian American and Portuguese dishes, the ones we all know and love, crafted from the best ingredients, with the professional flair of chef Manny Lapa.  From salad to dessert, the menu is familiar, comforting, and always delicious.”

Nice touch that high geranium on Trio’s building.

Trio Main Street Gloucester MA ©c ryan _20180619_153141.jpg

Pauline LIVE painting at Trio on  Main Street.jpg


GloucesterCast 265 With Eoin Vincent, Dave Fernandes, Jimmy and Pat Dalpiaz, and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 2/4/18

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GloucesterCast 265 With Eoin Vincent, Dave Fernandes, Jimmy and Pat Dalpiaz, and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 2/4/18


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Welcoming Dave Fernandes The GMG Guest Contributor Of The Month- Thank You To Eoin Vincent of , January’s Guest GMG Contributor

Dave Fernandes Work at Cape Ann Giclee

New Politically Correct Low On GMG- Woman Offended By Photo Of A Man Smoking A Cigar On The Boulevard

People Having Birthday Parties/Showers or Weddings On Superbowl Sunday

We’ve been in Central New York… wouldn’t know there was a game this week.

Italianos dinner was very enjoyable. Shout out to LINDA

Tonno Thursday 4-6PM $2 bar snacks

A news story about how Super Bowl services are provided by American companies… mentioned here Sportsfield Specialities from Delhi NY employs our nephew as a supervisor for painting these goal posts! Small world I guess…

Celtics Game

Superbowl Predictions