The GloucesterCast Podcast Episode 11

GloucesterCast Podcast Episode 11

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Taped August 29, 2011 with hosts Joey Ciaramitaro From and Kenny MacCarthy from

Show Notes-

Literal Guy, Hurricane Irene Round Up, Crazy Weather Guy Tomatoes, Buddha, Llama Marut and The Summer Retreat,Blog Notes, Kenny’s Property Management Tips For The Fall.

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Live Good Harbor Beach Webcam from the Blue Shutters Inn In Gloucester MA

Click the picture below to watch the storm as it worsens throughout the day-


Webcam courtesy Tony Sapienza and The Team At The Blue Shutters Inn On Good Harbor Beach

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Crazy Weather Guy

For those of you Cape Ann Twitter folk, you all know that guy.

The guy who gets so very excited and the amount of exclamation marks in his tweets goes up exponentially with each heightened chance of more catastrophic damage to our area.

You just know he has dreams of the storm bearing right down through the middle of his house so he can report about it first hand.

If you are from Cape Ann and are on twitter you know this guy.

I just hope he doesn’t beat himself up too bad as the storm approaches.



I know the Official GMG Hurricane Irene Pasta Zugu Models probably pushed you over the edge but I’m thinking it might be a little less creepy if you picked up a Hustler or Playboy to get ‘er done instead.


The Only Hurricane Irene Strike Prediction Map You’ll Need- the Official GMG Hurricane Irene Pasta Zugu Models

NECN?  Bah, Matt Noyes has nothing on our Official GoodMorningGloucester Pasta Zugu Hurricane Irene Potential Path Model Map.

We’ve been monitoring the storm all week long (not really) and have the latest technology available which came up with these very detailed Hurricane Irene projected path models.  As you can see we’ve really narrowed down where the potential impacts may occur.



Make sure you check on your elders and keep your children safe.  Don’t be the bananahead that feels like you need to go out on the rocks on the back shore and get swept out to sea.

and yeah, it’s not gravy, it’s not sauce, it’s ZUGU if you’re from G-Town Baby!

Hurricane Irene Tracking Page

Hurricane Irene Tracking Page

Here’s a great site to keep  informed on the track of Hurricane Irene.

Also, here’s a great site to keep up on the Local Forecast

Chickity Check It! Dave Jewell and Tom Ring On CBS news Last Night With Lauren Leamanczyk


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GLOUCESTER (CBS) – Hurricane Irene could cause major damage to homes and the economy in Gloucester.

Gloucester residents still talk about The Perfect Storm back in the 90′s, but no one is quite sure what Irene is going to bring.

People in the fishing industry and those who live along the water are preparing for the absolute worst.

“It’s certainly going to get rough, and that could impact the whole lobster industry, the gill netters, everyone. It’s not good for us at all,” said Tom Ring

Click picture below to go to CBS Boston where you can watch the video.


When you are done watching the video you just gotta check out the website of cameraman Rick Macomber  He does a series of videos of the Tekka fresh fish marketplace in Little India Singapore.  Visually stunning work really.

Here’s the team who brought you the piece on Twitter-

Cameraman Rick Macomber on twitter @boston_camera

Lauren on Twitter LaurenWBZ
also Assignment Editor and Uber Boston News Twitter Star Andrea Courtois@AndreaWBZ