Pretty white horse


April 6, 2014 prettyThere is pretty White Horse not to far from my house.  I love to visit this beauty.  Most likely not a true White horse but pretty and very friendly.

From Wikipedia, White horses are born white and stay white throughout their life. White horses may have brown, blue, or hazel eyes. “True white” horses, especially those that carry one of the dominant white (W) genes, are rare. Most horses that are commonly referred to as “white” are actually “gray” horses whose hair coats are completely white.

I don’t wish this on inconsiderate cyclists, really I don’t.

You know the biker that rides three abreast for 10 minutes at a whack?

The dudes in this post

Nope, thought never crossed my mind that I’d like something like this to happen to them.  never once. Double pinkie swear.

saw the video on Barstool Sports