Lobster Gear Repurposed for Oyster Farming From Bill O’Connor and Cat Cove Tide Pool Touch Tank Webcam

Hey Joey,

Augmenting the lobster catch: Oyster aquaculture in modified lobster traps


I stumbled upon this in at the Cat Cove Marine Lab website and thought you might find it interesting.  Apparently the oysters did pretty poorly on the North Shore due to water temp, but my little foray into oyster harvesting was quite different, and completely by accident.

A few years back, we had a party at the house and I bought a bushel of Blue Point oysters that were supposedly being farmed off of Martha’s Vineyard.  I prepared half the bushel for the party and the other half I left in the mesh bag, which I hung off our mooring to keep them alive long enough to eat them.  Well I eventually forgot them out there and the mooring ball disappeared that winter, so we dropped a new mooring in its place the following Spring.

A couple of years later I was snorkeling out in the cove beyond the mean low tide mark and came across the lost mooring ball suspended underwater on a column of oysters! Apparently there was enough in the mesh bag to reproduce and they just grew down the mooring chain.  They literally reproduced themselves out of the bag somehow.  The weight of the oysters pulled the ball under the surface eventually.  I would see the oyster column occasionally when servicing our moorings over the years,  and it eventually just fell over underwater. I still see oysters out in the cove though!   

Anyway, I thought you might find this study informative.

Thanks,~Bill www.northshorekid.com

You can also check out their live streaming tide pool touch tank webcam by clicking on the pic below-