Gloucester Bacheler Civil War Coat Aug 2018 Update

Charles and George King write, “The state of the art museum case has landed! Gloucester artist Jason Burroughs, John Christopher (aka Bonesy) and our mom took care of the assembly and installation at the high school. The set up prep went smoothly with help from Joan Dallin, Adam, Principal Cook, Joe Lucido, Heidi Dallin, and Mike Hale. It’s not 100% finished. An information label will be added soon, and a rededication will be announced for a later date. The field house was named after Bacheler at one time so the placement is cool for that, too.”
More photographs of case assembly and install

Fishing The Nor’ Easter On The Trapper John

The Boat Rolls Hard As George Walks The Trap Down The Rail


Visibility=Not Good As The Block Swings Wildly In The Wind


A Trawl Line Tightens As It Hauls Up Gear From The Bottom


George Sets The Gear Back Off The Stern- Mere Inches From The Edge As The Boat Rides The Latest Wave And Steve Loads The Bait Bags




Offloading Barnacle Encrusted Lobster Gear For Cleaning

I took these shots with my new cameraphone The HTC EVO.  It tends to over saturate pictures and isn’t nearly as good a camera as my Sony DSC H20 but the beauty of it is that I can take a picture and post it to the blog in mere seconds.  That is how I got you guys the Greasy Pole and Seine Boat results within 30 seconds of each finish beating every other media outlet by many hours and days.

I was sitting on the forktruck (the black bar in the middle is the mast of the forktruck) when I took these shots

click the pictures for the full sized versions