Mass Cultural Council 2nd annual Traditional Arts Showcase at Shalin Liu, Sept. 8

Mayor Romeo Theken shares Mass Cultural Council’s invitation to upcoming arts showcase in Rockport: The Mass Cultural Council presents Saturday, September 8, 7:30 PM 

MCC event at Rockport Crossing Customs: Immigrant Masters of Music & Dance

“The Mass Cultural Council is sponsoring our second annual Traditional Arts Showcase at the Shalin Liu on September 8. We would love for you to join us! Please share this invitation with your networks (via your newsletters, social media, online calendars, etc.) See details below regarding performers and ticket info. $20 general admission”

Event will celebrate music and dance: Gund Kwok Asian Lion and Dragon Dance Troupe; recent immigrants from Nepal will perform music of the Gandharvas; indigenous music of Greece led by Vasilis Kostas; salsa lesson from Eli Lady Pabon; and music from Latin Logic (photo above).

I wonder if Carlos Menenzes (Cape Ann Big Band;Jambalaya horns, O’Maley), Zach Gorrell, Docksiders, and other area artists and musicians know these groups and vice versa?

Continue below to see more information about the upcoming event and videos of the performers from MCC Press release:

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Costa Rica Adventure–People of Barra del Colorado

Below is a slide show of some of the people in the village of Barra del Colorado Village. Most of the photos are of the children and their wonderful smiles.

Costa Rica Adventure–Houses of Barra del Colorado

Below is a slide show of  some of the Houses found in Barra del Colorado.  The Village of Barra del Colorado is located on Rio Colorado.  The Village is separated by the River, houses shown are from the Northern part of the village.  The population is approximately 700-1,000 people for the entire village of Barra del Colorado.

Silver King Fishing Lodge, operated and managed by Roseanne Cody of Gloucester,  is the major employer for the village.  

Costa Rica Adventure – Fishing, Lizards and Birds


I was fortunate to spend 10 days in Costa Rica, staying at Silver King Lodge operated and Managed by Roseanne Cody of Gloucester.



I will be posting photos of life on the Rio Colorado (Brown Colored River)

Below are photos of a Lizard who likes to rest on a hammock and eat bugs.



Below are some of the birds found at the lodge.





David Brooks Is Back From Costa Rica

Hi Everyone,

As most of you know I’m back from my trip to Costa Rica, I can’t tell you how lucky I feel to have been able to be a part of this trip. What an eye opener! We helped to renovate the elementary school and worked on fixing up and building two basketball courts. It was amazing at the appreciation we were shown by the young kids of the town. They were always smiling and wanting to help us with the projects. I’ll admit we pulled a Huck Fin a few times and made it look a lot more fun than it was… It was great to see you people taking care of their own facilities. I was amazed at the group of volunteers I worked side by side with. Weather they were on their spring break from college or taking a vacation form their Corporate America life they all had such an amazing heart to share with the community in Puerto Viejo. I was excited to work side be side with each and every one of them. Although it wasn’t till after the group had left that I truly realized how big and impact our projects had. I witnessed larger groups of kids elementary-high school anxious to play some basket ball on their new court. I also found out that the school was pulling double duty and teaching kids from 9-1 and they again from 1-5 every day the school was too small to hold all the kids wanting to learn all at once. I was given a tour by one of the 10 year old by named Tyler who first showed me where every relative in the town worked including his father who was a bus driver, then he gave me a tour of his neighborhood. The level of poverty was indescribable. He told me about how he is considered to be part of one of the wealthier families because his family all have jobs. He spoke english very well as his aunt who he lives with is from Colorado. I let him use my camera and he took some amazing pictures. You should have seen his face light up whenever he took a picture. He kept running up to me to show me every picture he took. It was amazing to have been able to share a few moments with him in my short time in Puerto Viejo.

The last day I was there I was at the bus station buying my ticket mid morning and a woman who I thought was standing in line kept looking at me, in addition to being pregnant she had two small children one in her arms and the other by her side. She looked as if she had been standing there all morning. I asked if she was in line. She said no, fumbled on her words a bit and in broken english said “a few coin to feed them” I saw her get teary eyed and as she tried holding back tears she spoke. I felt my heart turn inside out and immediately pulled out the left over Collones I had in my wallet despite budgeting out the rest of my trip so I didn’t have to exchange my money again. she kept on crying and through her sobs I heard a nearly inaudible thank you. I saw her walk with her children in her arms straight to nearest store as if there was not time to waste. This was so moving to me. It made me realize how lucky we are to have friends who we can turn to when we are in need. People who care for us, a community that cares for us. I want to thank all of you for being a part of this trip and I feel that through your support I was able to be a part of helping the people of Puerto Viejo. I hope you will enjoy the photos from my time there. And again thank you for supporting me as well as the projects that we were able to complete in Puerto Viejo.

God Bless, David Brooks

Here is the video we shot just before David Left explaining the journey he was about to embark on.

Silver King Lodge (Costa Rica)

I had the opportunity to visit and take photographs of the guests and their catches.

Silver King Lodge in Costa Rica, is owned by Larry Costa, and Operated by Roseanne (Ercolani) Cody from Gloucester.

It is located on the mouth of the Rio Colorado, minutes away form the best Tarpon fishing .  Each day I would go out in a photo boat with an experience guide, and rush to each catch, and capture the event.  At then end of stay the guests received a CD with their photos.  Each night I would set up my computer, and run a slide show of the catches of the day, in the bar.  |What an experience!

For more information about Sliver King Lodge link to