Greg and Gold Star Mom Anita Coullard Dziedzic present a $2000 check to Cape Ann Veterans Services- honoring her son Sgt David J Coullard by helping returning veterans

Anita sharing a photo of her son with Adam Curcuru, Director Cape Ann Veterans Services

Anita’s son David served in the Marine Corps and was killed in action on August 1, 2005. She and her husband, Greg,  help returning veterans. They spoke about her son and some of the projects they’ve supported. Good Morning Gloucester readers may remember Anita’s joy in finding a Paul Frontiero “Art, Rocks!”, and donating a flag to the Boulevard. Anita’s mom was born in Gloucester in 1917; her Uncle was dear friends with Pauline Bresnahan’s father.

Adam Curcuru and the veterans office volunteers discussed projects that the Cape Ann Veterans Services is involved with. Stories were shared and a few tears. It was all very inspiring. We passed around a copy of the children’s book that is going to all the elementary school classes for Veterans Day.  We spent time admiring the Welcome Home to Cape Ann Veterans Gift Packages, a program “designed to show Cape Ann’s appreciation for our returning veterans and let them know that Cape Ann supports them in this process of transitioning out of the military and back into our community.”


With or without the Gloucester family connections, I believe that Anita and Greg are so impressed by the Cape Ann Veterans Services that they would be delighted to work together anyhow. Learn more about David, and Anita and Greg’s projects Mutts Mending Military  is another organization they’ve supported. How nice that Cape Ann Veterans Services is included.

I learned that the 2016 Welcome Home to Cape Ann Veterans we left the light on for you Gift Packages were made possible by the Cape Ann Veterans Services, Gloucester MA Elks Lodge #892, and the Manchester Athletic Club, and that they are made extra homey special because they are stuffed with support information and gift certificates from so many local donors, businesses and organizations:

A Shade Down

Ace Hardware at Gloucester Crossing

Azorean Restaurant

Blue Marlin Grille

Brothers’ Brew Coffee Shop

Cape Ann Lanes

Cape Ann Veterans Services

Cape Ann Whale Watch

Randy Korpi Carpenter

Celia’s Flower Studio

Destino’s Subs & Catering

Dunkin Donuts

Elks Lodge #892, Gloucester 

Extreme Truck and Auto Repair


Gloucester High School

Gloucester High School art department

Gloucester House

Gold Coast Realty  (North Shore’s)

Goodwin Party Shop

Jalapenos Mexican Restaurant

Jeff’s Variety & Deli

La Casa DeLuis

Linsky’s Service Station

Magnolia 525 Tavern

Manchester Athletic Club

David and Jeana JMB Narkowitz


Orlando & Associates

Our Lady of Good Voyage, Gloucester

Pauline’s Gifts

Gary Porter

Dr. Dana Powers Manchester

Dr. Michael Powers Gloucester

Tim and Lori Sandborn


Stone’s Pub & Eatery

Styles on Main Salon & Spa

Sunbanque Tanning

Virgilio’s Bakery

Nancy and Joe Virgilio

Dr. Robert Viventi

Yankee Fleet


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We sent Lise home with the donuts after Sunday’s HarborWalk garden cleanup. Here’s what she had to say about Brother’s Brew!

“I have to say those cinnamon donuts were the best ever. I briefly considered taking them to the neighbor’s house—but then had to try just a tiny piece of the puffy jellies, but didn’t get to reach the jelly (was I thinking this was some sort of exotic preserve that I would never get a chance to sample again?)  so had to cut an entire half of the jelly donut to try it for the total essence of jelly donut.  You would think I would have stopped, but then had to just try the chocolate. As I sliced off an inch, it occurred to me that you can’t present a donut to someone who isn’t your blood with a piece snuck out of it like you can a sliver of cake.  Well, the damage was done, so might as well take another slice. You know how that goes. The sugar and fat ratio imbued was saying MORE. And then I remember you saying the cinnamon were to die for and… Well it turns out I thought so too.  So now the donuts were entirely, absolutely gone. We scarfed those—how many? six? eight?— down in two hours tops. You know when I said I could just eat one at a sitting? I proved myself very, very wrong.  I guess it helped that the backs of my thighs were screaming “feed me!”  Something about lactic acid buildup needed to be counteracted with butter, white flour and sugar. Talk about weekend warrior aches! It looks like my 45 min on the elliptical machine with the ten minutes of pedaling backwards is not doing it.

Bill said I could never bring them into the house again.  Ok. But now I know where I can get them outside of the house.
You be sure now to send the photos of our 25-odd bags to our Mayor’s office/comptroller’s office and get reimbursed…

Anyway, I hope to see you Sunday for a repeat/repast.  No! Leave the doh at the Bros!”

When I asked Lise if we could post her funny note, she added:

“To make it worse, there were BOYS in full skateboard regalia visiting the neighbors and you just know they would loved the treat. Clearly there is not much in the way of impulse control over here, but might possibly justify the crime by the fact we had skipped lunch and it was mid afternoon.”

Thanks Lise for sharing!!!

Brother's Brew Rockport Donuts! ©Kim Smith 2015Brother’s Brew Latest Creation ~ Strawberry Shortcake Donuts


Brothers Brew Rockport  Laura© 2014 Kim Smith. .

After the chill of early morning filming, my favorite place to stop along the way home is Brothers Brew. The coffee is really, really good–smooth, flavorful, never bitter, and always super fresh (even the decaf). Their housemade doughnuts, TO-DIE-FOR!

Brothers Brew Donuts Rockport © 2014 Kim Smith. .Brothers Brew’s current seasonal selection of delicious donuts includes apple cider and pumpkin glaze.

Brothers Brew Rockport -2 ©2014 Kim Smith. .Morning Mecca!

Brothers Brew Rockport © 2014 Kim Smith.Terry Bracket Brothers Brew Rockport © 2014 Kim Smith. .Laura, left, and Terry Brackett, Donut-Maker Extraordinaire!

New Coffee Shop in Rockport

In a post last week I mentioned Rockport’s lack of year-round restaurant options, especially downtown, so it was exciting to walk along Main Street just a few days later to see that a new coffee shop has opened up  in the location of the old Rockport standby, The Coffee Shop. (I was always so impressed that the owners of The Coffee Shop had the gumption to give their business that name, as though it was the ultimate coffee shop – which actually was the case for many locals and visitors – that I always referred to it as The Coffee Shop).

The new coffee shop on Main Street is named Brother’s Brew Coffee Shop, and is owned by a member of the Brackett family, who have a seasonal restaurant next door.  The highlights about Brother’s Brew, besides the fact that it is extremely charming?

  • The very cool chrome-and-vinyl-stools and laminate counter are still there.
  • The menu includes many old favorites and has expanded.
  • The business is open on Sundays.

That last one is big news y’all.  Locals and visitors can wander in throughout the entire weekend, which is a big deal for anyone paying attention to the dining options downtown, and an expansion of the hours that the previous coffee shop kept.  And there is even the possibility of opening at night when an event is taking place at the Shalin Liu Performance Center a few doors down.  While this won’t solve the problem of lack of adequate places to dine in the evening (or in the daytime),  it will at least contribute to a culture of liveliness downtown, with a few places keeping the lights on, so to speak.Oh – and before you go there in person to buy some coffee and a treat for yourself, be sure to head over to the Brother’s Brew Coffee Shop facebook page and connect with them online.  The page posts daily specials and other coffee shop news, so you’ll be the first to know when the doughnuts are fresh and the soup’s on.