Ruby Wolf between double oriels

“Ruby Wolf” in big script

Cool sign on ground floor space below double orieole windows adorning W.G. Brown building on the 7-11 Pleasant Street side.  What’s coming?

Ruby Wolf

The building dates from 1882.

William Glover Brown was born in 1854 and emigrated from Scotland in 1872. He worked in Providence before building a business in Milford which he brought to Main Street in Gloucester in 1885. In five years the William G. Brown & Co drygoods moved to a bigger Main Street space.  From Genealogical and Personal Memoirs, ed. William Richard Cutter ©1908 from Harvard College Library collection (digitized by Google), and one ad from Polk’s 1960 directory. 




4 thoughts on “Ruby Wolf between double oriels

  1. I love a good history lesson thanks Catherine, and remember this store beautiful picture too!

    Mom as a teen put items on layaway here if I heard her correctly. I was calling using VOIP phone call card from here and at times had some dropouts and echo’s at times but rare – depending upon weather and computer used for link-up. But can’t beat the price $20.00 for 10hrs 11 minutes of calling time…:-) Dave

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  2. 3 months late with this response (but better than never?!) This is my new home goods store downtown. Just opened this weekend, featuring vintage and new linens, rugs, ceramics, candles, books, furniture, art and more. All independently made and as many locally sourced as possible. Thank you so much for the history on the building!

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    1. Thanks for the update- and congratulations on opening your new homegoods store! That’s a great connection with the building’s history. What are your hours?


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