Some Then and Now — pat morss

It’s been slow recently for our waterfront and wildlife activity, so here are some photos that didn’t “fit the theme” a while back, followed by a few from our recent walks.

Herring Gulls have adapted happily to Gloucester’s LED streetlights.
An expert at camouflage.
A replica of the 1812 Baltimore Privateer Lynx visited us last August.
A quiet father and son afternoon, fishing off the Jodrey State Fish Pier.
Other fishermen faced more challenging conditions for casting.
And came prepared, whatever the weather.
Just recently, a relaxed Northern Mockingbird greeted us at eye level, Niles Pond.
Male Greater Scaups, leisurely cruising.
Nearly precise choreography – Mergansers clockwise, Mallards counter-clockwise.
A content Mallard in the late afternoon sun.
Our friend Wiley Coyote hunting rodents in the early morning sun.

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