Womans Seine Boat Race 

Lowell Peabody contributes:

Joey, I took shots of all 3 of the women’s  teams before and during the competition and all 3 have received their copies. I thought you might like to see a before the race group shot of the 3 crews. It was indicated that they do this every year, and they not only gathered themselves but made certain I knew where to be to take the shot..They were a bit concerned about me climbing the ramp from the dock as on the way down I had tripped landing flat on the dock, and  lost my phone overboard!! No harm, but I got to know all of the crew members who quickly made sure i was OK. I told them I always do that to get the crowd warmed up…. Great sportsmanship photo, pre-race which was also evident when the race was over. They all congratulated each other and the winning BackLash. 

How close was the race?



And since I was there and got trapped, I learned that on the Walkers parade to the boats for the Greasy Pole, they stop at the stage for a round of “VIVA!” “ST. PIETRO” before getting to the boats. One of the organizers did tell all the walkers this was not a time to drink…

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