A Lens With 9 Lives

When you are a caretaker for things that require tender care like children or camera lens, you aren’t supposed to have a “favorite”. Will you judge me too harshly if I say I have a favorite in my wide angle lens? It’s not the one I use the most but it is the one that most often seems to produce images that make me go “wow”. But it’s one that requires extra attention as it seems to be reckless in constantly escaping my camera bag and rolling off to find adventure and danger. Not long after I first got it, it jumped out of the car and rolled down the embankment by our driveway. It survived.

Recently I was on a photo tour and opened the cover to find shattered glass and my heart broke. But then I remembered the lens had extra protection in the form of a filter for just this kind of occasion. Whew, there was hope. Off to my favorite camera store Hunt’s in Melrose for some emergency care. They removed the shattered filter and replaced it. The lens is back in the rotation!! It has now survived 2 near-death experiences. How often is it that your “favorite” is the one that seems to require the most attention?!?!?

In this lens line up, Wide Angle seems to be standing proud along side the others despite being shattered. There’s a life lesson in there somewhere.

The line-up

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