You’d Have Been Proud of Me in Bar Harbor

I recently took a photo tour specifically to see nesting puffins at Machias Seal Island in Maine last week. It’s been on my bucket list and the trip was made with our puffin sightings along with many other interesting birds. It was a trip that included 3 lighthouses, 3 boat to tender transfers without getting wet, several dozen puffins and hundreds of other nesting birds. I was very worried about all the transferring between boats but I made it with all my equipment intact and mostly dry! It was a 2 hour ride to the boat launch, an hour out to the island with very restricted access and tightly held rules. Only half our group could go onto the island at a time to spend an hour in teeny tiny blinds. The other half waited on the moored boat. The nesting terns were brutal and required sticks for protection. But it was all worth it! Here are just a few of the photos. I highly recommend giving it a try even if you think you don’t especially like birds (Joey and Chris I am talking to you). Many additional details and photos can be found at Pat D’s Photos and Adventures on Facebook. This was definitely in the “adventure” category.

2 thoughts on “You’d Have Been Proud of Me in Bar Harbor

  1. Wonderful! Those sweet puffins look a bit like pudgy bees on steroids. Amazing they can get those bodies off the ground with those wee wings.


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