@FishermenGHS: Congratulations to our Spring NEC Postseason Honorees

NEC All Conference: Colby Rochford 400m NEC All Star (counter clockwise from bottom left): Megan Hurd, Andrew Coelho, Sarah Baker, Nate Gardner, & Abby Stauffer

NEC All Conference 4×400: Skye Ciolino, Darcy Muller, Caroline MacKinnon, & Rose Groleau MacKinnon also All Conf for the individual 800m

NEC All Conference 4×800: Kendall Newton, Whitney Turner, Mackay Brooks & Caelie Patrick

NEC All Stars: Andry Payano Sosa, Drew White, & Anders Littman

NEC All Conference: Natalie Aiello NEC All Star: Riley Thibodeau & Cameron Carroll

NEC All Conference: 22 PJ Zappa & 14 Keith Horne NEC All Stars: 11 Robbie Schuster & 1 Brett Cunningham

NEC All Stars: Ella Costa & Ella Zindle

NEC All Conference: Brett Moore NEC All Stars: Zach Oliver & Zach Morris

NEC All Stars: Sophia Picano & Isabelle Nixon

Congrats to Head Coach David Coleman on being recognized as the NEC 2022 Girls Outdoor Track & Field Coach of the Year.

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