My Gloucester Forefathers

Father’s Day offers an opportunity for some reflection on the Gloucestermen who brought me back to the home of my ancestors. The Immigrant Timothy Ryan was the first Irishman who made his way to the shores of Gloucester to begin this story. His son, William is shown here in the black and white photo presumably taken in Gloucester with his wife Catherine (whose family was no slouch in the fishing story of Gloucester either). It was probably taken in the early 1930s. The other photo of a man holding a baby was probably also taken around 1930 is of my dad (the baby) and William’s son, his father. Also likely taken in Gloucester. The final picture is also my dad with his dad: Paul M. Ryan Sr. and Jr. taken in 1972 (not in Gloucester). These men led me directly here, to this blog, to this Father’s Day podcast, to this Gloucester life. And I could not be happier. I hope your story leads you to similar happiness.

One thought on “My Gloucester Forefathers

  1. Nice story & pictures. Like you I am thankful for my ancestors that came to America and settled in Gloucester, where I was born and grew up.


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