Pond and Ocean — pat morss

Our two local water habitats are Niles Pond and the Eastern Point shoreline, and we all share both.

Black-crowned Night Heron at Niles Pond.
Female Red-winged Blackbird flaps and hops between lily pads.
“You got a problem with me taking this rock”? Mr Mallard.
“I don’t take no grief from nobody.” Snapping Turtles have long necks.
Flowering bush between pond and ocean.
Deer in the ocean-front Audubon sanctuary at low tide.
How do they avoid injury running through the rocks?
A stop for a drink of fresh water.
“I think it’s a little brackish. How ’bout you”?
Careful Eddy (Egret)! It’s calmer back on the pond.

One thought on “Pond and Ocean — pat morss

  1. SUPERB photos of PRECIOUS, BEAUTIFUL wildlife!! 🏆🏆🏆🏆💖💖💖💖 Thanks so much for sharing!!!


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