Testing GreenbeltGo App At Goose Cove Reservation

I think the Greenbelt properties are a true jewel in our area and I was intrigued to see they had recently released an app to assist potential visitors. It has long been my intention to visit some of the lesser known properties. I decided to download the app and start a series of Good Morning Gloucester posts from several different properties while using the app.

My first venture was to Goose Cove Reservation on a warm humid day. It’s rated “easy” (and it was) which I was hoping mostly meant short…..My first suggestion would be to NOT do what I did and visit when you only have a limited amount of time to enjoy the property. Take the time to enjoy the scenery and the walk out to Goose Cove. It’s fairly buggy and still damp in places at this time of the year, but the leftover poop was at a minimum. There’s a small parking area and a well marked trail to follow. I did get a little turned around but the map on the app was super helpful. Kudos to the app developers (link here for more info). You’ll be hearing more about this!

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