Crayfish for Dinner — pat morss

Anne-Lise and I are finally back in Norway with Berit (her sister) and Jan (our brother-in-law) after 2-1/2 years of the pandemic. They were eager to share Jan’s recent catch of saltwater crayfish, from the fjord outside their house. Crayfish are found in 100-200 feet of water with a muddy bottom for burrowing, and the non-commercial fishing public is allowed a generous number of traps year-round without paying for a permit. A succulent dinner. The rest this evening.

Jan preparing the boat; their house in the background
At the helm heading out
Pulling up the “crayfish hotel” where several catches were residing
Back on the dock, a hotel open-house
Checkout time was 11:00 am
Some guests hung tight and wanted to stay longer
Next stop, the restaurant kitchen for the group tour of 40
Berit escorting them through a scalding sauna
Anne-Lise and Berit approaching the dining room table
The first of two platters for just the four of us
Skal to all, with white wine and beer. Delicious!

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