Houseboat Living on Lake Powell

Joey has been dying for video of our epic fails and bloopers from houseboat living, but so far so good. After two days in Williams, AZ how do you super cute little Airbnb and a day trip to the Grand Canyon, we packed up the minivan to head to page, Arizona. We had to decide which way to go, but quickly a couple of fast spreading wild fires north of Flagstaff dictated the route we should take. Due to the detour we arrived at the Wahweap Marina couple hours later than planned. We still have to pick up three paddle boards, take our 30 minute houseboat operating lesson, and hit the grocery store for four days worth of food, supplies, and alcohol. No joke. By the time we were settled, it was 6 PM. We decided to stay put in the marina and relax. Boys fished and paddleboarded while we barbecued on the upper deck and relaxed. We got a good night’s sleep and prepared to leave the marina. The night before Kevin gave us a great lesson on how to work our 60-foot houseboat. Not going to lie, there was a lot to learn. This morning, AJ piloted us out past the gas dock, was picked up by another marina employee, and we were on our way. While not necessarily our intention from the get-go, we immediately started to rely on Thatcher to run the boat. We opted to not head the 2 1/2 hours past the Glen Canyon Dam, but to stay a bit closer to the safety of the marina. We took a 30 minute cruise and found a secluded and protected cove. We had been taught to beach the houseboat in the safety of the Highwinds that are coming in a couple of days and also obviously far away from any rocks. We have a giant area completely to ourselves. We have spent the entire day paddle boarding, fishing, hiking, and relaxing. Super sketchy Wi-Fi but every once in a while it kicks in. we are constantly trying to be aware of Lake Powell’s ever receding water to make sure that we don’t get stuck on the beach. We dug 4 3-foot holes to bury four anchors and packed them with wet sand. We’ve been readjusting the slack in the lines and switching back-and-forth from the generator running and not, but other than that it’s pretty chill. A little bit nervous about our first night’s sleep and whether or not we will break free. Fingers crossed! Can’t say enough about this trip! Hopefully making memories to last a lifetime.

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