Day #2 of “Head West, Young Men”

Grand Canyon and Williams, AZ. Day #2 of “Operation Head West, Young Men” consisted of a decent morning’s sleep, breakfast in our Airbnb, and then an easy 60 minute drive up to Tusayan to meet our Pink Jeep Tours guide, Ryan. Our group of six was joined by a nice couple, Robert (who looked so much like Will Farrell that I think he could actually pull it off if he wanted) and Christy. Ryan took us on a 3-hour tour of some of the Grand Canyon’s South Rim’s best scenic views and shared all sorts of great history/facts that we would never have learned on our own. More importantly with winds sometimes as high as 50 mph and pretty steady at 30-40 mph the whole time, we were really happy to not be driving our minivan rental on the windy (and windy….appropriate homograph) roads. For someone who loves to take photos, I left the Grand Canyon with surprisingly few….but, none of the boys fell into the canyon….so I consider that a win. There were times the winds were so strong that it was actually kind of alarming. I had seen the Grand Canyon before, but the boys had not. After some shopping and amazing gelato, we drove back to Williams and spent some time downtown. The town is adorable….albeit maybe a bit kitschy. We found the Grand Canyon Wine Company and enjoyed a flight of their beers and a little wine tasting while the boys went back to the house to ready their fishing gear. They wanted to go back to Lake Kaibab because they bought some garlic power bait as recommended by a nice woman who had landed 7 trout the day before, but we convinced them to fish the Santa Fe Dam at the edge of downtown instead….where, whoops, they caught nothing. We had dinner at a local Mexican restaurant and then smores by the fire pit back on our deck. It was still super windy….so we put the fire out early and are calling it a night. We have a 3-hour drive up to Page tomorrow…..where, here Joey does his happy dance….we pick up our 60 foot houseboat and see just “what can go wrong.”

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