Toddler in Town

When you are entertaining visitors, there are numerous activities and restaurants you can suggest. (I’m thinking of Nichole’s recent post asking for suggestions). When one of those visitors is a toddler, you start to look differently at some of the “standard” suggestions. The weather’s temperament and the child’s temperament must align for the most successful outings. We had a few of those last week and I’d like to share some of the ideas in case it helps you out in any way.

We visited Good Harbor Beach where the baby bee-lined to the ocean like a baby turtle seeking the water. Then plopped down at the edge of the cold water and surprised himself. (*So, be prepared with extra clothes). We stopped at Toodleoo’s for tea and toys. Sweats of New England had a cool sidewalk sign to tempt children and their fingers. We made a stop at Minglewood to meet family…always a hit. Pasta at Tonno also made for happy faces.

You might say “It’s a toddlin’ town…” and you would be right! I hope you all enjoy any holiday or vacation visitors to our fair city.

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