1966 Bobbi Gibb First Woman to Run Boston Marathon a top 100 Massachusetts / New England sports history moment at Logan Airport terminal b

1966 Bobbi Gibb | First Woman to Run Boston Marathon

photos: c. ryan, 2021 | The Great Hall, Terminal B, Boston Logan International Airport was renovated in 2019. New additions feature “exhibits that celebrate New England athletes, sports teams, and special moments in the region’s sports history.” Read more here (Massport PR June 20, 2019)

The 2022 Boston Marathon celebrates the 50th anniversary of women runners’ official inclusion in the race. Eight entered and finished the 1972 race:

  • Nina Kuscsik, New York (3:10:26)
  • Elaine Pedersen, California (3:20:25)
  • Kathrine Switzer, New York (3:29:51)
  • Pat Barrett, New Jersey (3:40:29)
  • Sara Mae Berman, Massachusetts (3:48:30)
  • Valerie Rogosheske, Wirginia (4:29:32)
  • Ginny Collins, Massachusetts (4:48:32)
  • Frances Morrison, Texas (5:07:00)

Six years prior, Bobbi Gibb from Massachusetts ran the Boston Marathon in 3:21:40 (April 19, 1966), the top female athlete, faster than 2/3 of the field. She was 23 years old. She won again in 1967 and 1968. Gibb is a long time fine artist and Cape Ann resident. It’s a thrill to see this recognition!

more Logan Airport design details

Gloucester and Bobbi are incorporated into other designs at Logan. The parking terminal elevator icons and floor feature the Fisherman at the Wheel (Level G) and a Boston Marthon runner (Level 3) — Bobbi (imo).

photos: c. ryan, 2014

Looking back – Popular Cultural context 1972

Mary Tyler Moore – Also 50 year anniversary of season 3, episode 1 (aired September 6, 1972 ) at the office Mary discusses her salary with Murray, then Lou. Mary makes less than her predecessor despite doing better (excerpt: 3:47)

Classic trio scene: Mary talks about a job promotion with Phyllis and Rhoda

“who’s in charge here?” season 3, ep. 3 Sept 1972 written by Martin Cohan

“Oh, don’t look at me. I was one of those cute little girls who always got dolls to play with…”

Phyllis (Cloris Leachman 46 yrs. at the time)

“Phyllis: When she gets her life together, will she need batteries?”


“It’s exactly what I do now.”


Bobbi’s milestone prompts personal stories. My mother in law shared one about winning a college competitive event as part of a two women team circa 1950 and feeling certain to repeat the feat only to have the contest reconfigured and split into men and women categories the following years to avoid that happening again.

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