BRUNT WorkWear

Check out BRUNT Workwear if you’re in the market for high quality work boots and clothes (or even if you’re not). Not only are they a homegrown, local company located just about 30 minutes away, but…I recently discovered they’re also really good people! My older son is a freshman over at Essex Tech. Last week he came home with a super sweet brand new pair of work boots. When I asked where they came from he told me that a company had come to school and handed out 400 pair of boots to students in different programs. Upon further investigation, it turns out it was actually their second delivery…meaning, they’ve now donated 800 pairs of boots and, if you read below, have plans to donate even more. A donation of that size is nothing to sniffle at even for a huge, long-standing corporation, but BRUNT (while having some pretty wild, newfound success) is a fairly young, local company…so the magnitude of this donation is pretty impressive. What got me the most though, as a mom, is what they wrote about Essex Tech….and the “whys” behind the donation. Good read, great quality, amazing people….doing phenomenal things.

Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School & Technical School is located just 20 minutes from BRUNT’s headquarters. It’s an amazing facility where the classrooms, equipment and campus are all cutting edge. The school has 1,600 students across every major trade; from electrical, auto and plumbing, to equine, advanced manufacturing and so many more. The facilities will blow you away, but the teachers and directors are what make it spectacular.

After my first visit, I knew this was the type of place I wanted BRUNT to support. Even though we were still a very small company at the time, I wanted to get involved in some way. I distinctly remember thinking while on campus, “imagine if one day we could give a pair of Brunt boots to every single student?”.

Over the past year, we turned that dream into a goal. We’ve formed an incredible partnership with the school, and we are about halfway there, gifting roughly 800 students a pair of our boots. We still have more work to do, but what originally felt impossible, is well within reach.

What gets me most excited about our partnership with Essex is not only getting to meet all of the students, but it’s impact. These students will eventually build our roads, the buildings we work in, and the communities where we raise our families. Whatever path they choose in the trades, their futures are incredibly bright. There’s only one thing I hope to get back in return – that our small gesture makes these students feel appreciated. They deserve it, they are our future.

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