Long Shot, but a Grandson is Looking For His Grandfather’s Favorite Chair

I stumbled upon this while looking through Facebook MarketPlace the other day. It seems that a family gave away their “gramp’s” favorite red velvet armchair and is now really wishing that they hadn’t. I know Gloucester isn’t super close to Haverhill, but I wanted to share here on GMG just in case. Below is what was written in the ad along with the photos that they posted. Here is the link to the ad on Facebook Market Place:

Haverhill: GRANDSON SEEKING GRANDFATHER’S Lost Red Chair. No, NOT selling

Hi everyone! A couple years ago when my Dad passed away we were cleaning out the house on Broadway in Ayers Village, Haverhill MA. Not thinking we put Gramp’s Red velvet armchair out on the front lawn. Now of course we would love to have it, hindsight is 20/20! Just hoping maybe a local might have grabbed the chair and maybe would give me the opportunity to BUY it Back 😊 Feel free to shoot me a message if I’m lucky enough to have found you. *PLEASE SHARE EVERYWHERE* #findtheredchair It was close to Salem NH line.

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