Gloucester from Robert Bliss

Sea breezes sweep over Cape Ann with the fragrance of salt air inspiring fishermen and artists alike and all those wishing to live near the vast expanse of the North Atlantic.  

Beauty is all around us. Crashing surf on the Back Shore, seagulls squawking, aerial combatants teaching their young how to fly. A harbor protecting boats of every description from the wrath of Nor’easters and ocean storms. Long sandy pristine beaches, Dogtown untouched filled with magnificent rocks and graceful trees. Then there is the Annisquam River meandering through from Ipswich Bay to the Harbor filled with wildlife above and below the swift current of tidal change.

A place filled with caring people, neighbors always willing to lend a hand. So many remembered for their courage.  We’re all living on the same rock cohesive as we can be.

Robert Bliss


One thought on “Gloucester from Robert Bliss

  1. Best place on earth…..even if we have low, we have the highest of the high! They don’t want you to know they are here….but they are!!!


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