Dogtown: A Cross Between Easter Island and Stonehenge

We took advantage of Cape Ann Museum’s guided “Historic Dogtown: A Walk Back in Time” last Friday and it was aptly named. About a dozen ticket holders met up with 4 guides (Monica, Roasalie, Beth and Suellen) at the Dogtown Road parking lot for a 2 hour walking tour filled with stories and tidbits about the past inhabitants, history and homes. In its heyday, Dogtown was not considered prosperous but it was at least respectable for a time. But then it began to deteriorate and fade as the times and economy changed. Most striking to me was that the area had once been mostly cleared of trees and wild vegetation to make way for the farms. Now we all know it is full of trees and overgrowth. One of the artist-poets drawn to the beauty described it as a cross between Easter Island and Stonehenge. That seemed an appropriate description.

It’s a long walk with several stops along the way and the path is relatively easy to navigate. I would strongly recommend bug spray however. Other opportunities for this walk are upcoming and you might want to consider going for a very enlightening tour. The guides are well prepared and informative AND a very useful map is shared. Check out this and other Cape Ann Museum events here.

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