SCALE – New Balance sneaker size 8 (shout out to New Balance, fan of Gloucester) vs. grape magenta jellyfish beached

I’m adding a couple of photos to the great question about the mystery jellyfish Joey posted thanks to a GMG reader.

I saw them that same day on Long Beach, September 6, 2021. I only saw seven, and one was a piece rather than whole, so I can’t confirm hundreds were there.

The one in the photo with the sneaker was the largest I observed. They were hard to miss. Four were in proximity at that spot. On the other side of the beach, one group of kids scooped up a sample with a sand shovel, running back to the furthest Gloucester end to show their parents.

The two times I’ve seen lions mane on any beach, I was wrong. If these were lion’s mane this will be the third time they’ve looked like a different jellyfish to me. The beached jellyfish on Long Beach this week looked a bit like pictures I’ve seen of mauve stingers.

Everyone has been remarking how warm the water’s been, and these deposits followed Hurricane Ida. Storms bring in unusual gifts from the sea.

Looking forward to a marine educator helping us learn more!

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