GloucesterCast 360 with Chris McCarthy, Pat Dalpiaz, Walt Kolenda, Anna Eves, Deanna Fay, Deb Berger,Patrick Shea, Leigh Strimbeck, Heidi Dallin and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 10/6/19

GloucesterCast 360 with Chris McCarthy, Pat Dalpiaz, Walt Kolenda, Anna Eves, Deanna Fay, Deb Berger,Patrick Shea, Leigh Strimbeck, Heidi Dallin and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 10/6/19


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Topics Include:
Walt Kolenda Brought Cookies From Cafe Sicilia
Joey’s show At Cape Ann Giclee
Paper Bound Calendars vs Online Calendars
Cape Ann Maker’s Market November 30th- Click here-Call for Vendors
Gloucester Memories Facebook Group Is Worth A Look
Native Gardens Playing At Gloucester Stage Click here for info and tickets
Voting On Beau’s Video Announcing The Winner
Final Update For Chris McCarthy Lobstering Saga $17.42 per lobster
The Chamber and Shells Dream Travel are organizing a free information session about an upcoming trip to Italy’s Amalfi Coast Tues Oct 8 5:30-7 PM at the Gloucester House. Sounds very interesting. here’s the Facebook event info:




Nicole, Michelle, George, Charlotte, and I had an exciting morning watching Dan Murphy and Rob Porter arriving to shore with a beautiful 96″ Bluefin Tuna. The tuna meat was given a thumbs up!

123 Eastern Avenue former Gulf Station

The temporary fence is down and clearing underway at 123 Eastern Avenue, formerly the Twin Stop Gulf station, convenience shop, and memorable Happy Taco food truck landing spot. Wonder what’s coming next? The site was rejected for development as a potential marijuana shop because of square footage requirements. There is quite a bit of property available for rent at the abutting shopping area properties.

New color fresh coat of paint 370 Main Street Action Inc

2019 Action Inc 370 Main Street Gloucester MA _20191006_new exterior paint © c ryan
October 2019

370 Main Street adds into the blue  architectural character downtown Gloucester 

photos: 2019 AFTER above;  and BEFORE 2017 and 2015 below. Jason Burroughs repurposed the Action Inc mural incorporating Cole Herbst’s original commission that had faded. This sunny location is hard on paint.


Celebrating the Bicentennial of Essex

As promised in last week’s podcast, Saturday I attended one of the many events the Essex Bicentennial Committee is sponsoring all year to celebrate the 200th birthday of Essex. This was a tour of the Ancient Burial Ground on Main Street in Essex. Delightfully presented by a number of players including Rebecca Axelrod, Barry B. O’Brien, David Gabor, Wendy Nunes, Alan Budreau, Laura Doyle, Mark Nelson, and Jim Witham along with Annie Archer, Heidi Jackson Dean, Laurel Eisenhauer, Diana Hughes, Jack Kippin, Susan Parady, Kim Porter, Robert Porter, Tricia Richards, April Wanner and Kurt Wilhelm. Thank  you to these volunteers for a fascinating look into the history of Essex as told by its founders.

Savour Wine & Cheese 5-Course Wine Dinner


A Culinary Evening in Campania, it
The Food & Wine of Italy’s Famed Almalfi Coast
Special guest …Italian Wine Ambassador &
Native Campanian, Ciro Pirone.        
In the Savour kitchen, Chef Matt Beach &
Sous Chef Anthony Sciarappa.
  Sunday, October 20th 
seating at 6:30 PMPer favore, Siediti
Seating is limited to 48 diners.  Please reserve by clicking here now or calling Kathleen, Courtney, Bridget @ 978-282-1455
in five courses
Bruschetta on Crostini
Polpette (Meatballs)
Wine: Villa Matilde Falanghina ‘Rocca dei Leoni’
Breseaola on Arugula
Wine: Villa Matilde Aglianico
Pasta Course
Pasta alle Vongle (clams) Bianco
Wine: Villa Matilde Fiano di Avellino Docg
Main Course
Pesce (Cod) con Puttanesca
Wine: Villa Matilde Falerno del Massico Doc
Panna Cotta with Limoncello glaze
Savour pacific table.jpg
Savour is transformed into a comfortable, festive fine dining venue for this special occasion 
Prix Fixe Wine…

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