GloucesterCast 362 with Joedy Hicks, Chris McCarthy, Ralph DiGiorgio, Pat and Jim Dalpiaz, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 10/20/19

GloucesterCast 362 with Joedy Hicks, Chris McCarthy, Ralph DiGiorgio, Pat and Jim Dalpiaz, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 10/20/19


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Topics Include:

Ralph Brought Sandwiches from Goombadis, Jimmy and Pat Brought Cape Ann Coffee Bagels,

Ron Gilson wants to know if I’m serving jumbo shrimp at the opening reception.
Show at Cape Ann Giclee November 1

Joedy Hicks Cast Iron Hibachi Collector and Founder Of Cast Iron Grill and Hibachi World Facebook Group

A Dr Z sighting at Manchester PTO

Chris Almost lost his Boat in The Storm

Accommodations On Rocky Neck Taste Of Cape Ann November 7th

Talk of moving Halloween to Saturday instead of a weekday

Ticketmaster fees

Storm- Anejo Sailboat rescue by Joe Boreland and Smash on the Salvage Boat Defender


Traffic on 128 people going to Salem hotels in Gloucester Pat from Salem overflow for tourism to capitalize on Salem October overflow

Plan to get rich by patenting family member labeled cell phone charging cables

Joey’s quest for rotomolded cooler has become a reality and Paula Ryan OBrien is hellbent on stealing it

For the people that downloaded the Serenitee  Rewards Card- this week two days in a row they put $10 free to use at Minglewood Harborside on the card during the power outage.
Whole Foods In Beverly Is Open


We’ve got a date for the opening reception of my Waterfront Images series at Cape Ann Giclee November 1st!

We’ve got a date for the opening reception of my Waterfront Images series at @capeanngiclee

November 1st from 6:30-9:00PM.

Cape Ann Giclee is located at 20 Maplewood Ave. #GloucesterMA. Please come and share!



Another banner weekend for butterflies on Cape Ann with Yellow Sulphurs, Painted Ladies, and American Ladies joining the streams of Monarchs migrating along our shores.

Butterflies struggle at this time of year to find sources of nectar. Whatever you do, please do not cut back your garden until mid-November or so. Best NOT to cut back at all and to leave the drying seed heads for the songbirds and leaf litter and plant stalks for hibernating bees and caterpillars, but if one really must cut back, wait as long as possible.

If you click on the photos in the gallery, each picture is labeled with the name of the butterfly and the names of the late-blooming plants on which they are drinking nectar and building their fat reserves for the journey ahead . Butterflies will even fight over a Dandelion to try to get nectar when nothing much else is available (the best reason of all not to use Roundup on the Dandelions in a lawn).



My husband and I are huge fans of Jesse Cook and with gorgeous music and extraordinary musicianship, his concerts are not to be missed. Tom introduced me to his work several years ago when I was looking for a uniquely beautiful sound to score a short film for the Berkshire Museum, about butterflies in flight, for which Jesse graciously and generously permitted. More about Jesse and Monarchs when my forthcoming documentary is released.

Jesse Cook travels the world with his fingers. Through his globe-spanning and genre-bending compositions, the nimble-fingered guitarist has taken nouveau flamenco to places it has never been, creating new fascinating hybrids.  As one of the most celebrated instrumentalists on the planet, Cook is forever restless, constantly searching for new sounds, rhythms and textures to explore.

Born in Paris and raised in Toronto, Cook studied classical and jazz guitar, and as a child was always intrigued by the highly rhythmic rumba flamenco style. Following up on that curiosity, Cook dove headfirst into the gypsy musical tradition as he began to find his own musical voice. After a show-stopping performance at the 1995 Catalina Jazz Festival, Cook’s little-heard debut, Tempest, suddenly took off in the U.S., landing at # 14 on the Billboard Charts. Cook’s career has seen steady growth in the years that followed, his multi-cultural take on rumba flamenco striking a nerve with listeners. One of the hallmarks of his sound and aesthetic is to travel the world, meeting and collaborating with artists and incorporating the results into his music. In addition to headlining concerts and festivals, he has opened for such legends as B.B. King, Ray Charles, The Chieftains and Diana Krall.

In 1998, Cook was nominated for a Juno Award as Instrumental Artist of the Year. In 2001, he received a Juno Nomination for Best Male Artist, as well as winning in the Best Instrumental Album category for Free Fall. In 2009, he was Acoustic Guitar’s Player’s Choice Award silver winner in the Flamenco category. He is a three-time winner of the Canadian Smooth Jazz award for Guitarist of the Year and numerous other awards.  Over twenty years into his career, Cook is now forging more than just musical traditions of the world. With his 2015’s One World, he is now forging the ancient with the modern, infusing contemporary sounds of the electronic digital age into his timeless rumba flamenco rhythms.

“…lightning fast and bright flamenco guitarist…Jesse Cook…is about as seductive, percussive and danceable as this kind of music gets…also a powerful pop songwriter, with each melody standing out above the weaving rhythms sung by his intoxicating strings.” Jazziz

Rockport Harvest Festival 2019

Beautiful day for the Rockport Harvest Festival on Saturday.


Lots of people came out today

The Nutty Redhead is celebrating 5 years.

Bob Allia is Rockport teacher for the Rockport Green Team

This cutie is up for adoption at the Cape Ann Animal Aid


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* Credit Card
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